Batsh*t Professor Who Called For Killing Dissidents Resigns West Point Post

On Saturday, we told you about William C. Bradford, an assistant law professor at West Point who has some radical ideas about how to fight terrorism. This soul mate of General Buck Turgidson wrote a paper for a college law journal in which he advocated for all out war, including on legal scholars who disagree with him.

On Sunday, after The Guardian‘s article and subsequent stories like ours hit the Internet, Bradford resigned from his post. This was reported by West Point spokesman, lieutenant colonel Christopher Kasker. Bradford had only taught five lessons at the academy, where his employment had begun on August first.

With the spotlight on him, Bradford’s history has been examined and turned out to be built almost entirely on lies. On Saturday, we knew that he had misrepresented his military career and that had led to a resignation from the Indiana University School of Law in 2004. “Misrepresented” turns out to be an understatement: it was completely fabricated. Though Bradford said that he was a Gulf War veteran and a recipient of the prestigious Silver Star, it turns out that he spent all 6 years of his military career in the army reserve. He never deployed to anywhere nor was he ever awarded. This, according to army records obtained by The Guardian. His academic career has been plagued by inconsistencies, as well.

This sort of sociopath is scary enough. But when you add in the insane plans Bradford advocated in his paper, it becomes even scarier. This is what he wrote about dealing with dissidents in the war on terror:

‚ÄúTreason prosecutions shore up national unity, deter disloyalty, and reflect the seriousness with which the nation regards betrayal in war. [D]oubts and disputes about this war [should] be muted lest around them coalesce a new set of self-imposed restraints that prevent Western forces from waging war with sufficient ferocity and resolve so that either Islamism is discredited and the political will of Islamist peoples to prosecute a jihad collapses, or, if necessary, all who countenance or condone Islamism are dead.”

As Interfaith (as well as Wiccan) clergy, I guess I should be killed, as I “countenance” Islam. Anyone who accepts other faiths or is tolerant of Muslims who aren’t jihadists and terrorists should be killed according to this guy. I’m sorry but that’s just nuts.

This guy was a professor at the army’s school for officers. A professor who called for a new version of the House Un-American Activities Committee. For the destruction of Islamic holy places. For killing any voice of reason in his “total war” against terrorism. I wonder how he feels about domestic terrorists. Just guessing here, but I bet they’re okay in his world. Thank goodness his world is no longer part of the West Point curriculum.

Photo Credit: Pixabay