BEHOLD — The Incredible Dud That Was The Palin/Trump Interview (VIDEO)

Who would have ever thought Sarah Palin interviewing Donald Trump would come off about as compelling as Steven Wright running My Dinner With Andre lines with Ben Stein? Where you’d expect “Politicians Gone Wild,” amazingly, we find only awkward silence, constant stumbling and vague talk riddled with contradictions.

Sounds like church, doesn’t it?

But no, this is On Point With Sarah Palin – her new gig since being ditched as a talking head by Fox.

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Posted by Sarah Palin on Friday, August 28, 2015


After the opening credits and a glimpse of a promotional Trump video, it becomes immediately evident that Sarah Palin really falls flat without the canned responses of a campaign crowd whooping and cheering around her. Without the arena, without the fans and the chants and the cheering, it’s just plain Sarah Palin and a microphone on an otherwise silent set. She’s left looking viewers in the eye and attempting to speak to them as if she is actually an established journalist and, good lord, it’s just plain awkward. In fact, it’s downright embarrassing and she doesn’t carry the least bit of credibility with her.

Palin continually tosses about entire buffets of word salad to reach her points and questions, and Trump rambles on in response long enough to figure he must have answered something somehow, then promptly sums it up with the same line he opened his response with in the first place, like a middle school essay. The two faun over each other a bit, cover all their usual talking points and wrap up the interview. Zzzzzzzzzzzz…

Miraculously, there were no outrageous statements to add to the ever-growing list of Trumpisms that should sink his campaign every time, but instead, always push him further up in the polls, much to seemingly everyone’s chagrin. And there were no major flubs or crazy statements from Palin, either.

Sure, they hit some of their usual lame, crazy talking points, but all in all, the interview was pretty uneventful. At times, Palin would seem to be talking about herself under the pretense of asking Trump a question that never really materializes. Once, she even breaks off mid-garbled-sentence to redirect herself onto a track that would actually come to a full sentence, a point and a question. Other times, she seemed to be picking Trump’s brain for campaign advice and taking notes. She’d talk on and on for a while about herself, then try to wrap it around to Trump. And Trump doesn’t care. Whatever anyone asks him, he just uses it as an excuse to pump himself up for the public some more, anyway.

But the interview was a big nothingburger, just peanuts on the bar floor. Somehow, for whatever reason, these two wild sparks failed to catch fire when brought together, but don’t take this writer’s word for it. Check out Trump’s interview with Palin below and see for yourself.

Featured image via YouTube screen capture