Glenn Beck Says Virginia Shooting Is God’s Way Of Sending America A Warning (VIDEO)

It’s no secret that Glenn Beck lost his mind some time ago. Former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann used to refer to Beck as “Lonesome Rhodes,” after the Andy Griffith character in the film A Face In the Crowd, who let his fame and fortune send him over the deep end, and if you have ever seen the movie, you’ll know that the comparison is apt. While Beck has faded into semi-obscurity following the loss of his Fox News show, he’s still out there, and he’s still crazy. But what he said following the shooting of a Virginia television reporter and her cameraman on live TV was crazy and offensive, even for Glenn Beck.

Right Wing Watch reports that a couple of years ago, Beck said that if he ever started reading scripture on the air, you would know that we were at the “end times” foretold of in the Bible. Beck used the murder of two journalists by an apparently mentally ill former colleague to claim that god was sending America a message. Somehow or other, Beck seems to think that god had a hand in the murder, having it occur on-air so that his message would get across.

“Christian” Beck, like so many on the right who profess to be followers of Christ, goes back to the Old Testament of the Bible to make his case. He refers to god’s destruction of Shiloh, from the book of Jeremiah, and says, in a nonsensical comment:

“May I suggest in modern times, we look at any place that god has destroyed, or allowed themselves to destroy themselves, because they got out of control.”

It would have been fun to hear Beck explain why, in America at least, god seems to like to send disasters like hurricanes, floods, and killer tornadoes mostly to attack those who claim to be his most fervent supporters. But of course he wasn’t going to touch that.

Is this the “god of love” that Beck and others of his ilk talk about? For god so loved America that he had a deranged man shoot three people in cold blood, killing two of them, to warn the country that it was headed in the wrong direction? We’re supposed to take this guy seriously? If god really wanted to send a message, then why did he pick two local tv reporters? Why not someone with a wider audience? Why not someone from CNN? Or Fox News? Or…why not Glenn Beck?

It’s an interesting leap that Beck makes, to get from a senseless murder to a “message from god.” Especially considering that the message that some might take from this is that god doesn’t want mentally ill people to have guns.

Every time you think that someone like Beck has hit bottom, they come out with something to show that there may be no limit to how low they can go. Saying that two people are dead because god decided that America needed a message is pretty low. The nice thing about claiming that this or that points to the coming of Biblical “end times” is you can keep reusing it. Since Beck keeps predicting it, and the end of the world still hasn’t happened, he’ll certainly have more opportunities to forecast their arrival in the future.

Here’s the video of Beck’s comments, via Right Wing Watch/YouTube:

Featured image via YouTube screen capture