Fox ‘Expert’ Blames Virginia Journalists’ Shooting On President Obama (VIDEO)

Whenever the group of morning clowns on Fox and Friends needs an “expert” psychiatric opinion, they turn to their favorite pop psychologist, Dr. Keith Ablow. On August 27, the curvy couch crew hosted Ablow to talk about the on-air murders of two journalists in Virginia. Things went how they usually go when Ablow starts bloviating; the conversation started with some thoughts that actually made sense, but quickly devolved into ridiculousness.

After a few comments about how shooter Vester Flanagan, aka Bryce Williams, used social media to publicize his crime, host Steve Doocy quickly turns the conversation to the standard theme of “this isn’t a gun control issue, it’s a mental health issue” so loved by Fox and other right wing media. Ablow talks about Flanagan’s history of reportedly being difficult to work with, and briefly mentions, without going into detail, that Flanagan had filed complaints of racial discrimination that had been dismissed.

Ablow explains that Flanagan’s employer could have been more proactive in addressing perceived mental health issues, by bringing in someone from the employee assistance program, or a forensic psychiatrist. But then, as he always seems to do, Ablow says something that makes you wonder whether he could use a little help from one of those resources himself.

“It would be helpful if President Obama, frankly, would stop tweeting, or whatever he does, about gun control, and get serious about attacking mental health care, and stop inflaming racial discord,” Ablow says. “Because there are some people who are unhinged out there who actually think he’s right, when he’s just trying to fan the flames of racial disharmony.”

Of course, that has been a running theme of Fox and the right every time there has been a confrontation between races, whether it was the shooting of Michael Brown in Missouri, the murders committed by Dylann Roof in South Carolina, or any other recent crime where race appeared to be involved. Somehow, apparently just by being a black man in the White House, or by reacting to issues as a black man, President Obama is stirring up racial hatred.

Mother Jones offered a timeline of mass shootings in America, in 2012. During President Obama’s first term, according to their report, there were 15 mass shootings. By way of comparison, during the second term of George W. Bush, there were 13. Not a significant difference. So how come Ablow wasn’t questioning what Bush was doing that was causing people to go on killing sprees?

Those Fox viewers who found themselves listening to Ablow and nodding in agreement might be surprised to learn that Pew Research looked at Americans’ opinions about race in 2013, and found that those who say that blacks in America are making progress towards racial equality has been on the decline for years, long before anyone had ever heard the name “Barack Obama.” It’s also worth noting that it is the opinion of whites that has declined sharply, from a high of 68 percent who said that blacks were making progress in 1984, to a 30-year low of 35 percent in 2013. Over the same time frame, black Americans’ opinion about black progress has also declined, but only from 37 percent to 26 percent. Despite the efforts of outlets like Fox News trying to convince people that racism doesn’t exist in America any more, many whites appear to be waking to what blacks have always known: things have gotten better, but not by as much as you might like to think.

So no, Keith Ablow, it’s not President Obama who is “stirring up racial hatred.” It’s people like you.

Here’s the video, via Media Matters:

Featured image via Media Matters/Fox News screen shot