After Boasting He Supports Mass Deportation, Ted Cruz Refuses To Explain How (VIDEO)

Texas’s Canadian born Senator and presidential candidate Rafael “Ted” Cruz, seems to be making a habit out of coming on Fox News’s The Kelly File and getting owned by host Megyn Kelly. Just over a month ago, Kelly grilled Cruz mercilessly on his scheme to change the Supreme Court in the wake of the Obamacare and marriage equality rulings. On August 25, Cruz was back for more; this time the topic was immigration.

One of the issues that the GOP candidates are attempting to deal with is the constitutional right of “birthright citizenship,” which means that if you are born on U.S. soil, then you are an American citizen. Donald Trump has, of course, been taking the lead on the subject, saying at one point that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, which grants birthright citizenship, wouldn’t hold up in court. Since Trump is currently leading the polls among Republican primary voters, now the pressure is on the other candidates to try to out-crazy Trump’s position.

Cruz, an immigrant himself, born in Canada to an American mother and Cuban father, has been out there on the crazy train on this issue before. A year ago, he was willing to shut down the government in order to stop deportation relief for young adult immigrants who were brought to America illegally by their parents, when they were children. It didn’t seem to matter to him that many of those young adults have been in the U.S. since they were toddlers and consider themselves to be Americans. If they were brought here illegally, ship them out, along with their parents, was the Ted Cruz plan in 2014.

Kelly introduces Cruz by noting that he has endorsed most of the proposals on immigration that have been suggested by Trump. So the first issue she turns to is birthright citizenship. Cruz tells her that making automatic citizens of the American born children of people who are in the country illegally “doesn’t make any sense any more.” He argues that the 14th Amendment should be changed, either with another amendment, or by Congress “clarifying” its language, to end birthright citizenship.

Kelly asks Cruz the same question that was asked of Trump when he appeared with Bill O’Reilly on August 24:

“If you have a husband and a wife who are illegal immigrants, and they had two children here who are American citizens — would you deport all of them? Would you deport the American citizen children?”

Cruz chooses to dodge the question, making a comment about congress focusing on areas of bipartisan agreement in dealing with immigration. But his answer doesn’t satisfy Kelly, who observes, “But that doesn’t sound like an answer.” She then points out that Trump “answered that question explicitly.”

Cruz responds with more about what he thinks Congress should do, but Kelly presses him to answer her question.

“Listen, senator, I understand all that. And you’ve outlined your plan. But unlike you, you’re dodging my question. You don’t want to answer that question? He says he would. Donald Trump says they are all gone under his policy. What would a president Cruz do?”

That is when Cruz tries to shut Kelly down by saying that her question was one that “every mainstream liberal journalist wants to ask.” He tells her that “they focus exclusively on 12 million people.”

Well, yeah. Donald Trump says that he would deport the estimated 11 million undocumented residents of the country. Cruz has previously indicated that he mostly supports Trump’s proposals for immigration. Which makes the question of what he would do with the children of undocumented workers who are citizens under the 14th Amendment pertinent to the discussion.

Perhaps part of the reason Cruz doesn’t want to answer that question can be found in a graphic that Kelly displayed at the beginning of the segment. According to a recent Gallup poll, Cruz is second, behind Jeb Bush, in favorability among Hispanics. He’s still under water, with a net favorability of -7 percent. But he’s light years ahead of Trump, whose net favorability among Hispanics is -51 percent. Cruz seems to want to have his cake, and eat it too. He’s talking tough on immigration to groups of foaming at the mouth white nationalists who make up a good chunk of the Republican base, while at the same time trying to soft pedal his ideas when he comes before a larger audience, which includes Latinos. Somewhat surprisingly, given that she works for Fox News, Megyn Kelly didn’t appear inclined to let him get away with that.

Here’s the video, via Fox News: