Trump Renews His Twitter War With Megyn Kelly And Jeb Bush (TWEETS)

Either Donald Trump was bored on Monday evening, or maybe he remembered that he hadn’t insulted anybody in a day or two. Whatever the reason, “The Donald” let fly with a string of tweets — most of them aimed at Jeb Bush or Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

Trump got his “tweet-fest” rolling with a comment about about Megyn Kelly’s vacation, saying that it must have been “terrible,” because she apparently wasn’t being hard enough on her guest, Dr. Cornel West. Then he hit Kelly with this comment:

Trump Tweet 1

The reference to an “unscheduled vacation” refers to rumors that Kelly’s questioning of Trump during the Republican debate had earned her a forced vacation from Fox News boss Roger Ailes. Fox has denied that, and said that Kelly’s vacation was scheduled before the break.

After sharing a few tweets from supporters that also criticized Kelly, like one that said that “the bimbo [is] back in town,” Trump turned his attention from her to his Republican rival, Jeb Bush. After quoting a tweet from a fan that referred to Bush as speaking “Mexican,” Trump wondered if Jeb has a problem with his last name.

Trump Tweet 2

He actually has a bit of a point with that one. But he was just getting started on Bush. After a few hours of downtime, to get some sleep, or maybe to think of more clever things to tweet, Trump was back at it.

In recent days, the GOP candidates have resurrected the term “anchor babies,” which refers to babies born in the U.S. to non-citizen parents. Bush had decided that he needed to be an equal opportunity offender, and said that he was concerned about Asian “anchor babies,” not Hispanic ones. So Trump rushed to the defense of Asian-Americans, with these two tweets.

Trump Tweet 4

Trump Tweet 3

That was followed by a reminder to Bush that Trump wants to build a border wall, not a fence.

Trump Tweet 5

Apparently tiring of attacking Bush, Trump has most recently been going after some of his other opponents. First it was former New York governor George Pataki, who he said did a “terrible job.” Then he moved on to Lindsey Graham, who he has had a special hate relationship with, since Graham called him a “jackass.”

Trump Tweet 6

Many Republicans would like to see Trump go away. He might, eventually. Not quietly, though. When has Donald Trump ever done anything quietly? But if and when that day comes, it looks to be far in the future. An average of polls done by Real Clear Politics has Trump’s support at more than double that of Bush, who is currently his closest rival.

A Donald Trump type at the top of the national GOP ticket is where the party has been heading, at least since Sarah Palin occupied the number two slot. Could 2016 be the year that the rank and file nutjobs that are the Republican base will get their wish?

Featured image via Dave Weigel/Twitter