Did Bernie Sanders Just Win The Election?

No one will dispute that Barack Obama’s historic win in 2008 was due in large part to the collapse of Wall Street and the devastating effect it had on the American economy. Republicans ran the country for almost a decade and told us that less regulation on the banks was good for everyone. And then we had to give them trillions of dollars in taxpayer dollars so they could pay their CEOs enormous bonuses while we got the shaft. The resulting, and entirely justified, anger at the the banks was both bipartisan and still simmering right below the surface to this day.

Should there be a repeat of 2008’s bailout debacle, the American public will be out for the blood of the banksters. They will look to whichever candidate promises them the heads of Wall Street fat cats, and that candidate is Bernie Sanders. Whatever you think of him as a politician, Sanders has always been crystal clear that the Big Banks are a clear and present danger to the country and that message will resonate across party lines if the greedy pricks at the banks screw us all again.

So, could we see another Wall Street implosion? It’s already in the early stages:

Stocks in the United States tumbled on Monday morning as another sell-off that started in China roiled markets around the world.

Immediately after the opening bell in New York, the Dow Jones industrial average dropped more than 1,000 points — one of the most precipitous such plunges in recent years.

Investors’ concerns over China’s economic slowdown and a souring view of emerging economies have rattled financial markets around the world in recent days, and showed no signs of letting up.

China has been in trouble for a few years now as they’ve propped up their economy with a very heavy, and poorly thought out, hand. It’s been steadily getting worse and economists like Paul Krugman have been sounding the alarm over it for literally years.

Wall Street should been preparing for this long predicted disaster but that requires long term thinking and the banksters are all about making the quick buck. So now America’s stock market is get hammered over a collapse that people not blinded by greed saw coming a mile away.

Republicans should be very concerned because it will be incredibly difficult to spin China’s collapse as something Obama is responsible for (not that they won’t try). The President of the United States is many things, King of China is not one of them. Add to that the GOP’s very vocal and very public resistance to any and all Wall Street reform that could mitigate the fallout of a new Wall Street implosion and you have a very angry electorate that’s not going to buy the Fox News propaganda.

And to cap it all off, Republican candidates would rather french-kiss Michelle Obama than say something critical of Wall Street.

So that leaves the Democratic Party and, really, just Sanders. Sure, Hillary Clinton has been banging the populist anti-bank drum this time around but Bernie has been banging it louder, longer and much more convincingly.

If we’re all very lucky, China and Wall Street won’t drag us into another recession and a Democratic candidate will take the White House anyway. If we’re all very unlucky, we’re looking down the barrel of yet another economic disaster in which the 1% will be “forced” to destroy the lives of millions of people in order to preserve their precious bottom line. The silver lining (and a very wide one at that) would be that Bernie Sanders would be the avatar of the public’s rage at being forced to pay for the greed of the unrepentant rich.

Barack Obama rode into office on a wave of discontentment with Republican incompetence. Bernie Sanders would easily be able to harness the renewed rage at the banksters to take the White House and finally put a muzzle on the rabid greed of Wall Street.

Featured image via BernieSanders.com