White Nationalists Are Backing Donald Trump In Droves For 2016

Democrats have a huge advantage this election: we attract a young, diverse electorate. We don’t base our entire existence off of a white, older electorate. Since the 1980s, Democratic candidates have consistently won the non-white votes and with this upcoming election, that will be a very big decider of who wins.

Something tells me Donald Trump will have a hard time attracting the non-white vote, considering some of his biggest supporters are white nationalists.

Recently, white-supremacist  Gregory Hood wrote an article on Radix, a blogging website founded by white-nationalist Richard Spencer, titled “Why We Need A Troll As President,” in which he said:

Trump is worth supporting. He is worth supporting because we need a troll. We need someone who can expose the system that rules us as the malevolent and worthless entity it is. We need someone who can break open public debate. We need someone who can expose and heighten the contradictions within the system. And we need someone who can call out the press, the politicians, and the pseudo-intellectuals as the empty shells they are.

And yet he continues to gain support because, unlike every other politician in the United States, and certainly every other politician on the American Right, Trump never apologizes. He keeps attacking.

The most frightening part is that Hood is 100 percent correct – he keeps gaining support no matter what offensive thing he says. What does it say when both white nationalists and the average American are both buoyed by Trump’s outrageous comments regarding Hispanic immigrants?

Today’s political and cultural landscape is changing dramatically — same-sex marriage is legal nationwide, Confederate flags are coming down, police brutality is at the forefront of the debate and immigration is the hot-button issue of the day. And Trump certainly doesn’t straw away from the controversy.

The fiery rhetoric makes those on he far right giddy with anticipation, including Jared Taylor, founder of the racial journal American Renaissance. Taylor expressed is support for Trump in a video message on the Renaissance website, saying:

“Americans, real Americans have been dreaming of a candidate who says the obvious, that illegal immigrants from Mexico are a low-rent bunch that includes rapists and murders…Imagine that, a white man who doesn’t apologize.”

Brad Griffin, founder of Occidental Dissent, wrote that Trump has the power to take down the two-party system, a staple in white-nationalist ideology, saying:

“Donald Trump isn’t a conservative or a racialist by any stretch of the imagination, but he is a tornado that can inflict a lot of damage upon the two-party system.”

If he decides to be a tornado, the Democrats win.

Then you have Craig Cobb, the white-supremacist who discovered he has sub-Saharan African ancestry. Cobb and his band of racist buddies want to overtake a town in South Dakota and name it after Trump. That’s dedication.

It should be a little alarming that some of those most notorious white-supremacists have gathered around the same guy for the presidency; but, I guess that’s what Trump’s racist rhetoric will get you.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore