Tony Perkins Says President Obama Treats ISIS Better Than Christians

Another day, another conservative Christian cries persecution in this country. And as the cries become louder, so does the rhetoric, rhetoric that their equally moronic followers believe.

You might have heard that ISIS’s number 2 militant was recently killed in a drone strike conducted by the U.S.’s military campaign (which has already killed over 15,000 members).

Even though the military, at the discretion of President Obama, is busy killing our enemies overseas without boots on the ground, Tony Perkins, the nutjob president of the Family Research Council, says President Obama hasn’t done enough to combat our enemies. Instead, Perkins says, he is launching a “diabolical” war on Christians in the military:

“President Obama, America’s Commander-In-Chief, is aggressively attacking what he believes is the greatest threat to the U.S. Armed Forces. No, not ISIS. Not Hamas. Not Russia, China, Iran, or North Korea. It’s Christian servicemen and women who dare to practice their faith openly.

As President Obama has radically transformed the military, removing the prohibition against open homosexuality and now pushing to lift the ban on transgenderism in the military, there appears to be room for anyone and everything but Christians and Christianity.”

It is because of these “experiments,” President Obama will “force Christians in the military underground.” So, because people can serve openly in the military and not be discharged that’s somehow a war on Christianity? And that somehow makes President Obama weak on ISIS? And because he allows people to be himself without being fired he’s somehow treating ISIS better than Christians?

I know, it makes no sense. But since these people lost their war on marriage equality, they have to come up with more ridiculous rhetoric in order to keep their backwards thinking supporters on their side and against common sense. After all, Perkins did say the Pentagon’s acceptance of homosexuality in the military inspires ISIS to kill Christians.

So even though the Administration has been steadfast in their approach to taking out ISIS, conservative Christians like Tony Perkins want to focus on the non-existent persecution of Christians in America. If Perkins wants to see real persecution, he should stick to standing up for Christians killed by ISIS.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore