This Cop Throws A Huge Hissy Fit, Threatens A Group Of Teens For SMILING (VIDEO)

It looks like, in addition to a whole host of regulations, smiling is also against the law – at least in Plano, Texas.

Video has recently emerged on the internet of an incident that was captured in May, showing Plano police officer Jeff Willis stopping a group of teens on the side of the road near the Dallas North Tollway. Apparently, one of the teens flipped him the bird. While it’s probably not the best thing to give a cop the middle finger, it is protected speech under the First Amendment. This officer of the law more than likely knew that, which is why he only pulled the teens over to give them a good scare. While what he did was still wrong, at least he was smart enough to tell the teens to keep on moving. That’s the ONLY smart thing he did. Everything else was one big colossal screw-up on his part.

Still, they never should have been pulled over in the first place, and Officer Willis showed just how unprofessional he was by getting upset over a bunch of teens, doing what teens typically do. From the looks of the video, the worst they did was laugh and smile at him. They must have found his hot temper funny. Most people would laugh, too, if they witnessed the same thing. Big deal. The cop can be heard saying in the video:

“Keep going. Say something else and I’ll drag you out of the car.”

This type of rhetoric is completely uncalled for, and it’s videos like these that give cops a bad name.  Nothing these kids did warranted this sort of behavior. A cool cop would have just laughed it off.

As of right now, it is unclear what type of disciplinary action is being taken against the officer, but investigators are acknowledging that something must be done. Details still can’t be released because whatever is decided can always be appealed by Officer Willis.

The Plano Police Department might be playing a bit of damage control on social media because on August 9th they released footage of him handing out stickers to a bunch of young boys at Chik-Fil-A. Looks like he really is a great guy after all.

Maybe he should stick to Chik-Fil-A duty from now on. Here is the Facebook post of that incident, courtesy of Plano Texas Police Department’s Facebook page:

This was sent to us by a Facebook follower.  She witnessed Officer Willis stopping by to hand out Junior Police stickers…

Posted by Plano Texas Police Department on Sunday, August 9, 2015

Feature image via screen capture.