Second Woman Claims Subway Knew Jared Fogle Was A Pedophile

“Eat Fresh” sandwich chain Subway may not be out of the woods regarding the recent revelations that their obviously creepy now-former spokesman Jared Fogle is a pedophile. We recently reported that Subway issued a curt, closed statement regarding their breaking of ties with Fogle, and there may be a reason they had no real comments to make on the situation. It appears that at least some people within the coroporation could have known about Fogle’s proclivities, and instead of alerting authorities and severing the relationship, instead chose to do nothing.

When the story first broke, there was evidence that a former Subway franchisee had told the bigwigs at Subway that Fogle was into children, and she had filed a formal complaint regarding things he had said to her via text message- including asking her to sell her body on Craigslist, and to set up a date for sex with her underage niece. In the same stream of texts, Fogle also admitted to paying for sex with a 16-year-old girl. Subway says it had no record of that complaint.

Well, the internet didn’t buy the idea that Subway didn’t know about Jared Fogle’s proclivities, and those who have been trying to say the chain should not fall victim to what their spokesman did might soon be eating their words, because now, a second woman has come forward saying that she tried to tell Subway that Jared Fogle is a pedophile, and they chose to do nothing.

According to Slate, a Florida radio host by the name Rochelle Herman-Wolrand says she filled out an online form on the Subway website, alleging that Jared Fogle and attempted to solicit her children:

She says she’s not sure of the exact date and doesn’t have a copy of the email because she sent it through a comment form on Subway’s corporate website. But she’s certain she detailed disturbing comments made by Fogle, and she’s certain she never heard back.

“I told them how Jared had approached my children—that I met him during my radio show program—and that he had approached my children and had made sexual comments about wanting to do things with my children and their friends,” Herman-Walrond said. “I never got a ‘Thank you for emailing’ or anything like that, but I sent it and it did go through.”

Source: Gawker

Herman-Worland also allegedly made contact with law enforcement over the incident with Fogle regarding her children. Further, the U.S. Attorney’s office that eventually nailed and arrested the “Eat Fresh” pervert used the information provided to them by Rochelle Herman-Worland in their case against Fogle.

So, things aren’t looking too hot for the folks at Subway right about now. If, indeed, they knew about this – and it sure as hell is looking more and more like they might have – there needs to be criminal charges brought against everyone who kept silent and continued to let Fogle line his pockets and theirs. The idea that a major corporation like Subway would care more about money than the fact that their most profitable spokesman ever was victimizing children is truly despicable.

Hopefully, if this is true, Subway goes down in flames right alongside Fogle.

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