Racists Flip Out Over Town’s Plan To Rename Road ‘President Barack Obama Highway’ (VIDEO)

Old Dixie Highway, in Riviera Beach, Florida, used to be the dividing line between white and black neighborhoods. Now, the town council wants to¬†indicate that it is time to move on from the racism and segregation of the past, by changing the name of a section of the road to “President Barack Obama Highway.”

There was plenty of support for the proposal in the council meeting, with a number of residents endorsing the idea. There were also a few who opposed it. Some who didn’t like the idea of the name change opposed it because the section of the road that will carry President Obama’s name runs through an area that is in need of urban renewal. That is the reason why town council chair Dawn Pardo voted against the name change, and also why a longtime resident of the area, who spoke anonymously to Palm Beach TV station WPTV, also thought it was a bad idea. “What we do we have to show for Barack Obama on Old Dixie?” the woman asked.

Reporter Michelle Quesada tweeted the following comment, from a resident who spoke in favor of the change:

Changing the name is about being an example for our nation. A journey begins with one step.

All of the council members voted in favor of the name change, except for Pardo. But it’s not a done deal yet. The county commission will still have to approve of it. Of course, the move brought out the haters on the internet.

Out of 38 comments that were posted on the story’s page at WPTV’s website, this was one of the milder ones:

Lisa Shaw

Missy Ratner thinks that President Obama has been a failure, and that anybody who would approve of naming a road after him must be a racist:

Missy Ratner


Terry Holden wants to organize a boycott:

Terry Holden

But it is “Confederate Son” who wins the award for “most overt racism” on this thread, with these gems:

Confederate Son 1

Confederate Son 2

Confederate Son 3

Confederate Son 4

And in case you haven’t figured out where “Confederate Son” is coming from yet, here’s his final say on the matter:

Confederate Son 5

You can find more, similar comments on WPTV’s Facebook page.

Now, no doubt, there are GPS receivers being changed all over the south, so that their owners will not have to drive on “President Barack Obama Highway.”

Here’s a report, from WPTV:

Featured image via WPTV screen shot/Wikimedia Commons composite