Bernie Sanders To Introduce Bill Banning For-Profit Prisons

At a Reno, Nevada rally on August 18 , Senator Bernie Sanders, who is running for president of the United States as a Democrat, told a large crowd that come September, he will introduce legislation banning the immoral, shameful and greedy practice known as for-profit prisons:

“When Congress reconvenes in September, I will be offering legislation, I will be introducing legislation, which takes corporations out of profiteering from running jails.”

Members of Congress have the entire month on August off and will reconvene on September 8.

Sanders also touched on reforming police-citizen relations by making a system of trust, cracking down on police force and brutality, ending long prison sentences for non-violent offenses, and offered more resources to get offenders onto a path of becoming a contributing member of society instead of a repeat offender, saying:

“We need a rational path for them to return to civil society. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if someone leaves jail without an education, without a job, without money, without housing, and sometimes with mental health issues, that person is gonna’ return to jail.”

In light of Sanders’ initial fumble with the Black Lives Matter protesters, his bold stances on criminal justice reform, especially the abolition of for-profit private prisons (which greatly benefit off the lives of black inmates) are things to look forward to. And if anyone keeps their promise, it’s Bernie Sanders. Hopefully in September, we will see him stand on the Senate floor offering a passionate plea to end the burden on taxpayers.

Whereas Republicans like to privatize everything, for-profit prisons exemplify the very worst of a “free-market” society, because these prisons, in simplest terms:

While Republicans seek to make contracts with these monsters in the name of profit, people like Bernie Sanders want to abolish this grotesque violation of human rights.

If Hillary Clinton wants to catch up to Bernie Sanders, she needs to propose bold measures like this. Hopefully the American people will open their eyes to real change from the left instead of misguided rhetoric from the right that we are seeing from Donald Trump.

Editor’s Note: In case you didn’t catch that bit, some states have actual inmate quotas they have to fill. that means that if not enough people are getting arrested and sentenced, the state has financial impetus to find more people to put into jail. If that is not the most grotesque distortion of our “justice” system, I don’t know what is.

Featured image via Marc Nozell