Christian Pastor Out On Bond For Child Sexual Abuse, Arrested For Child Sexual Abuse (VIDEO)

Pastor James Robert Smith, otherwise known as J.R. Smith, was arrested in October of 2014, in Fayette County, West Virginia. Smith is accused of molesting a young boy over a period of several years. According to court documents, the molestation began when the child was ten years old, and continued through April of 2014, when the victim finally sought help from authorities.

Smith, the pastor of the Morning Star House of Prayer in Ridgeview, West Virginia, was charged with First Degree Sexual Abuse by a Parent or Guardian in Fayette County. In the meantime, authorities in West Virginia’s Kanawha County also announced an investigation into separate child sex abuse allegations, said to have occurred in Clendenin.

Following his October arrest, Smith’s family members and supporters rushed to his defense. While one parishioner referred to the charges as an attack of the devil, promising not to believe it, no matter what the evidence showed, it was the pastor’s sister that really stepped up on behalf of her sainted brother. She physically attacked reporters, screaming expletives and shouting:

“If you ruin my brother’s life, I’ll kill you bitch!”

It was all caught on video by WCHS.

Fast forward to August, 2015. Smith is out on bond and currently awaiting a grand jury trial on the sexual assault charges filed against him last October. Smith is arrested again, on additional child sexual assault charges. Authorities now believe that Smith committed child sexual assault in at least three states– Florida, West Virginia and Indiana.

It appears that many of Smith’s one time followers have come to realize that Smith was not the man of God he claimed to be.

According to a Facebook post dated August 16, even the Morning Star House of Prayer has lost all faith in their former pastor:

The morning star church is NOT following him we put him out of our pulpit the moment we found out about him. The only ones that follow him are his family NOT the church!!


Let’s hope that the Grand Jury indicts this child predator soon, so he can be locked up behind bars, before he harms anymore children.

*Featured image via video screen capture from WCHS