Bill O’Reilly: We’re Becoming South Africa Because Liberals Won’t Punish The Poor Enough (VIDEOS)

Bill O’Reilly is a rich right wing white guy who desperately wishes he only had to share the streets with other rich right wing white guys, so much so that he wants liberals and basically all people of color to be locked up. In a “Talking Points” segment On The O’Reilly Factor that’s even hyperbolic for O’Reilly, he tied together crime, Oscar Pistorius and South Africa, liberals and of course Obama, all into one terrifying end of the world segment.

It is horrifying to watch as the violent crime rate is skyrocketing in some places run by liberal politicians. That’s because many on the left do not want to punish people, especially the poor, who commit crimes.

The violent crime rate is down, quite far down, but we’ll let O’Reilly finish his thought, except his thought is about South Africa.

So the U.S.A. is now on the verge of becoming South Africa. As you may have heard, paralympic runner Oscar Pistorius is expected to be freed from prison this week after serving only 10 months for shooting and killing his girlfriend. In a bizarre trial, Pistorius was convicted of culpable homicide after he testified that he shot Reeva Steenkamp in the bathroom of their home because he thought she was a burglar. Absurd and everybody watching the trial knows it. …Quite simply South Africa should be ashamed.

Here in the U.S.A., the media is largely ignoring the rising stats on violent crime. In New York City, run by liberal mayor Bill de Blasio, murders are up more than 9 percent in one year. Rape up nearly 7 percent. In Chicago, run by liberal mayor Rahm Emanuel, murder’s up an astounding 22 percent. Shooting incidents up more than 18 percent. Criminal sexual assault up more than 6 percent in the Windy City.

In Los Angeles, where the city council is unbelievably left wing, aggravated assault up more than 26 percent year-to-year. Total violent crime up more than 20 percent. That means thousands of innocent people are dying or being injured because of foolish public policy.

Here in New York, authorities now let vagrants openly bother passersby, use the streets as bathrooms and generally do whatever they want to do. Traffic chokes the city. Commuters can’t even get into work sometimes. And the quality of life decline is stark and frightening and everybody knows it.

Okay, let’s break this down. First off, South Africa? Let’s just chalk that up to Bill being off his meds. About New York, yes violent crime is up but overall crime is down since Bill de Blasio took office. His Chicago statistics are a lie. Murders are down quite significantly, although so far, this year has been pretty bad. Still, Bill, no one in New York or Chicago is targeting rich white guys, so you’re safe. As for people using New York as a bathroom, um, I love New York, but that’s nothing new and the traffic has always been bad, but since it’s become a city of millionaires and billionaires, more rich people are relying on cars to get around the city. Bill, when was the last time you took the subway to help ease city traffic? I didn’t think so.

He goes on to blame Obama, who wants to reform the justice system.

Some of the chaos is coming from the top as President Obama has openly declared so-called nonviolent offenders should be given leniency by the criminal justice system. Included in that nonviolent category—people who sell heroin, cocaine, crack, meth, folks who sell poison to kids. Estimates are more than 70 percent of all the crime in this country is drug-related as is child abuse and neglect. Yet, the pushers are nonviolent.

On the border, things are even more intense. According to a Texas Department of Public Safety report, in 5 and a half years, criminal aliens in Texas have been responsible for more than 600,000 individual crimes. That includes almost 3,000 homicides in Texas alone.

So you can see what’s happening. In places where the left runs the show, Americans are now being put in danger by lenient criminal justice policies. There is no doubt about it.

When a society is fine with giving a man who kills his girlfriend 10 months in prison, you don’t have a criminal justice system. When a society feels sorry for a heroin dealer, you have chaos. When a society refuses to incarcerate illegal aliens with aggravated felonies on their sheet, you have anarchy.

“Talking Points” believes that if Americans continue to elect far left individuals, the danger to every single one of us will soon reach critical mass.

When Obama spoke about not locking up non-violent drug offenders, he was talking about users, not people who sold drugs to children (are there people who actually sell drugs to children or is that just something we’ve been taught to fear our entire lives?). As for the statistic about 70 percent of all crime being drug related, well, in 1995, 70 percent of probationers had used drugs in the past. That doesn’t mean the crimes were drug related. 100 percent of criminals had also had water sometime before committing their crimes, so I guess O’Reilly would lock up all water drinkers?

The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world, with the lone exception of the tiny island country of Seychelles. You’d think that would correlate with the lowest violent crime rate, but you’d be wrong. What does correlate to higher violent crime rates, though, is higher gun ownership and there’s no way O’Reilly would speak out against that. Oh, and the claim that undocumented immigrants are on some sort of killing spree in Texas, Politifact calls that a “pants on fire” lie.

Here’s the video:

Most transcription courtesy of Crooks and Liars | Featured image via video screen capture.