Bernie Sanders Gives Wall Street Journal Reporter The Best Tongue-Lashing You’ve Ever Seen (VIDEO)

A reporter for the Wall Street Journal tried his best to goad Bernie Sanders into a war with Hillary Clinton shortly after he finished speaking to a crowd of over 2,000 people on Sunday. The response this poor reporter received was nothing short of brilliant.  Not only did Bernie not take the bait, but he did a fantastic job of setting the tone while at the same time re-framing the discussion about topics that really matter.

“The issue I want to be talking about is the collapse of the American middle class. Are you guys gonna write about that?”

With heartfelt speeches like this, Sanders is only going to pick up more steam. Right now 53 percent of Democrats say they want someone other than Hillary. This more than likely reflects voters desires for something other than the status quo. Bernie provides that. And, the people showing up to his crowds are just more evidence to this. His message is resonating with people. When the race was just six weeks in, he was already drawing larger crowds than any other candidate in the race, Democrat or Republican.

Bernie Sanders was once considered a long shot to win the Democratic primary. His poll numbers are rising rapidly while Clinton is losing more and more ground to him. In the latest CNN/ORC national poll released this week, Sanders picked up virtually all the support Clinton lost. Now, Bernie and Hillary are the two front-runners for the Democratic Party without question. The next closest contender is Joe Biden, and he’s not even running.

With candidates all too quick to engage in smear politics to get an edge, Sen. Sanders is that rare exception. He prefers instead to talk about income and wealth inequality, racial justice, climate change, and in the case of that reluctant Wall Street Journal reporter, the reforming of Wall Street.

This is one 5 minute clip that every Democrat and independent voter should watch.

Featured image via screen capture