Texas Official Suggests Genocide As A Way To Deal With America’s Muslim ‘Problem’ (IMAGE)

Early August is a solemn time for the Japanese, as the country remembers the atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Now, A Texas Republican has made light of the fact that the United States dropped nuclear weapons near the end of the Second World War, while at the same time suggesting that nukes are the answer to Islamic terrorism.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, or someone else with access, shared the following meme on his Facebook page, according to the Texas Tribune:

via The Dallas Morning News

via The Dallas Morning News

The post originated on a page called “The Patriots IV Drip 2,” and as of this writing it is still pinned at the top of that page’s wall. However, the post was removed from Miller’s page, but not before it was screen captured and shared.

The Texas Democratic Party issued a statement condemning the post:

It is unacceptable for Republican Sid Miller to be promoting such disgusting rhetoric. Sadly, this kind of racist, xenophobic hate speech qualifies you for higher office with Republicans’ Tea Party fringe base. We hope Sid Miller shows some respect for Texans and the responsibility of holding state office and issues an apology.

According to a spokesman, Miller had nothing to do with the post. Todd Smith said that Miller didn’t post the meme, and there would be no apology issued for it. He told the Texas Tribune,

We’re not going to apologize for the posts that show up on our Facebook page. I don’t know who did it, but I’m not going to start a witch hunt to find out who did.

Smith estimates that about 18 people have access to Miller’s page. He seems to be ignoring the fact that Miller’s campaign is responsible for what goes up on his page, and that this disgusting meme wasn’t shared by some random fan — it was shared under the name “Sid Miller.”

You might think that, if Miller and his associates were upset by the post, that someone would try to get to the bottom of where it came from. But it doesn’t appear that is going to happen. In fact, there is some evidence that suggests that Miller agrees with it.

Shortly before Miller took office last January, he was asked about what keeps him up at night, at a forum sponsored by the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Miller replied:

I do have some long-range concerns as I hold those two grandbabies on my lap, and I happen to wonder: When they have grandbabies to hold in their lap, will we be a socialist country? Will we be a Muslim country?

It’s fine to have concerns over the future of your country. But to suggest that we should resort to genocide in order to defeat an enemy is completely unacceptable. Especially when you consider that the enemy in question wants less to take over America than it simply would like for America to leave it alone. Of course there’s also the inconvenient fact that it’s not “the Muslim world” that America is fighting. It’s a small segment of Muslims who are using their religion to further their political agenda. Which makes them sound an awful lot like… Republicans.

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