Huckabee Condescendingly Believes He Knows How MLK Would Feel About #BlackLivesMatter (VIDEO)

Mike Huckabee is once again making a fool of himself by opining on things he really should keep quiet about. In an interview with Wolf Blitzer on The Situation RoomHuckabee was asked about the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and specifically the recent and widely publicized meeting representatives of that movement had with Hillary Clinton.

Huckabee, like most white conservatives who don’t understand why hijacking the “Black Lives Matter” rallying cry with “All Lives Matter,” said that he gets how strongly people feel about injustices perpetuated based upon skin color, but that #BlackLivesMatter isn’t the way. Huckabee shows that he has completely missed the point when he says:

“When I hear people scream ‘black lives matter,’ I’m thinking, of course they do. All lives matter. It is not that any life matters more than another.”

No, Mr. Huckabee. No life matters more than another. However, that isn’t what #BlackLivesMatter is about. It is about showing that our lives matter as black people, that we should not be subjected to injustices, mistreatment, and even murder, simply because we’re black. That is what happens to us on a daily basis, each and every day. That is what this movement is about– exposing what is happening and making sure that everyone knows that our lives matter, just like yours does, and making sure that the system treats us like our lives matter. Right now, in case you haven’t noticed, it doesn’t.

Of course, the self-righteous pastor also had to bring religion into it, saying, “it’s more of a sin problem than a skin problem.” As if we all just get on the Jesus wagon and stop sinning, all these problems will just magically go away. Of course any sane person knows better than that, so we won’t even get into that ridiculous line.

But, again, Mike Huckabee comepletely misses the point, and likely will never get it. He took an even worse wrong turn when he brought Martin Luther King Jr. into his misguided opinions on this movement. Referencing his own efforts and difficulties from when he was a Civil Rights Era pastor and trying to allow black people into a church that had traditionally been whites-only he said that the famed civil rights leader would not like what the #BlackLivesMatter activists are doing:

“That’s the whole message that Dr. King tried to present, and I think he’d be appalled by the notion that we’re elevating some lives above others.”

Again, Mr. Huckabee, that’s not what this movement is about. Quite the opposite, in fact. But I suspect that you’ll never get that.

Watch the video of Huckabee’s nonsense below:

Featured image via Donkey Hotey on Flickr