Group Of White Nationalists Seek To Overtake Town, Name It After Donald Trump

Craig Cobb, the notorious white nationalist who discovered he has sub-Saharan African in his ethnic makeup, wants to overtake and rename a small community in South Dakota and name it in honor of xenophobic, racist GOP contender Donald Trump.

Cobb, who recently purchased $10,000 of land near the Canadian border, wants to change┬áthe name from Antler to “Trump Creativity,” or “Creativity Trump.” Cobb is apparently an admirer of Trump. Should anyone be surprised?

The term creativity comes from Cobb’s ideology group, Creativity Movement, a racially based church that teaches white superiority and nationalism. His hope is to draw in enough white-supremacists to outnumber the non-white-supremacist voting population.

According to Raw Story:

Cobb was jailed for about five months on felony terrorizing and menacing charges after he led gun-toting white nationalists through another tiny North Dakota town he had hoped to convert into a whites-only enclave…and remains on probation for the felony convictions.

Hillary Clinton was right. Comments like those made by Trump (i.e., Mexicans are rapists) are fueling people like Dylann Roof and Craig Cobb to carry out dangerous and damaging ideologies. One killed nine innocent churchgoers, the other wants to make a town of nothing but white supremacists.

Luckily, however, local leaders and citizens were repulsed at Cobb’s plans and out-bid him and then closed a deal on the property with the man who was selling. Of course, Cobb cried victim. Luckily, he didn’t get the land.

So a notorious, white supremacist terrorist supports Trump and he (as a terrorist) is still living in the United States? It’s people like Cobb Donald Trump should be targeting, not hard-working immigrants.

While the right likes to scream “we’re not racist,” they certainly have a lot of racists on their side idolizing them. As Trump continues to surge in the polls, the racists on the right will slowly creep out into the light to voice their support for the comb-over monstrosity.

Image via Gage Skidmore