A Tweet From Hillary Shows That She And Obama Are Vastly Different On This Major Issue

As you might expect, many of Hillary Clinton’s positions are the same as, or not too different from, those of President Obama. But on August 18, Clinton indicated that there is at least one area where she and the current president may not see eye to eye.

On August 17, the Obama administration gave final approval to Royal Dutch Shell to begin drilling in the Arctic Ocean, north of Alaska. Clinton commented on that approval with the following tweet:

Hillary Tweet


Some environmentalists had been worried about Clinton’s position on issues involving energy, after her refusal to say whether she supports the Keystone XL pipeline. The concern she expresses for the Arctic environment in her tweet suggests that she might also oppose the pipeline on similar grounds. The proposed Keystone XL route takes it across the Ogallala Aquifer, which supplies a large portion of the water used for drinking and crop irrigation in the midwest. Environmentalists have been expressing their concerns about the Keystone project for some time, because of the potential danger to that water supply, should there be a spill from the pipeline.

Clinton’s decision to break with the president on Arctic drilling puts her in the same camp as the Sierra’ Club’s Michael Brune, who said in a statement,

Granting Shell the permit to drill in the Arctic was the wrong decision, and this fight is far from over. The people will continue to call on President Obama to protect the Arctic and our environment.

Clinton’s main rival for the Democratic nomination, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, signed a letter in late May, along with 17 other senators, indicating his opposition to Arctic drilling.

Unfortunately, there is little that either Clinton or Sanders would be able to do as president to stop the drilling that has already been approved. One of the main environmental goals for the next president should be a massive push for renewable, clean energy, and an end to risky ventures such as arctic drilling. This is just one of many reasons why electing another Democratic president is so important. On the issue of phasing out fossil fuels, and related issues such as climate change, Clinton and Sanders both have far better positions than do any of the Republican presidential candidates, who are largely bought by big oil.

We know that a Clinton administration would not be significantly different from the Obama administration on any number of substantive issues. And on this issue, given what Clinton said in her tweet, her administration will be very different from the current one, and significantly better.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons