This Week In Right-Wing Racism– Racist Jokes About Michael Brown, Lying About #BlackLivesMatter

Another week has passed us by, folks, and you know what that means– it’s time for our round-up of the top five racist incidents that made the news this week from over on the right. Of course, sadly, this is the gift that keeps on giving, so for every incident you read here, there are ten more that didn’t make national headlines and more that did, even. But, we only have time for the top five here, so, without further ado, here we go!

5. A pizza parlor decided that it would be a good idea to create a Summer pizza based on racist stereotypes, give it a racist name, and then insist it’s not racist.

New York City’s Pizza by Certe has a new pie that most people would definitely say has a rather odd combination of ingredients, especially for a pizza, but those of us who know the history of racist stereotyping in America aren’t surprised at all and know just what they were going for. The pizza has watermelon, fried chicken,and  several kinds of cheese- all on a sunflower seed crust. Oh, and they named it “Pik-A-Nika.” And they say it’s not at all racist. I’m surprised they didn’t offer to add a 2 liter of grape soda for $1.99. Of course, the right-wing response was predictably racist.

4. Jeb Bush’s campaign flat-out lied about addressing #BlackLivesMatter activists.

Jeb Bush and his cronies have decided that since it has no platform to address police brutality and murder of black people, that they’ll just lie and say they’re addressing the problem anyway. Of course, any sane person knows that the GOP is full of racists. See how they have treated America’s first black president as Exhibit A. But this time, their feet are being held to the fire, as they should have been all along. Obviously, Jeb and his camp can’t handle it, so they lied instead about meeting withe activists. Just admit it, Jeb– you, like most on the right, don’t give a shit about black people or our lives.

3. A Ferguson, Missouri cop posted photos and commentary on Facebook about spending the extra money he is making working the persistent protests, and calls it his “annual Michael Brown bonus.”

By now, everyone knows about the tragic death of unarmed black teen Michael Brown at the hands of Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson, and how it sparked what would eventually become the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Since then, there has been a flurry of racism regarding the teen’s death, often from law enforcement officers themselves. This particular cop, Todd J. Bakula, called the extra money he earning working the protests that highlight a very serious issue his “annual Michael Brown bonus.” Despicable.

2. A high-profile journalist actually wants a natural disaster to hit her city to get rid of all the ‘poor, black people.’

Chicago Tribune editor Kristin McQueary has an interesting and by interesting, I mean distrusting, way of commemorating the 10-year mark of Hurricane Katrina. She penned an op-ed wishing for a similar storm to hit Chicago, so that it can be “reset” like New Orleans. In case you didn’t know, she means she wants the poor black folks who live there to be gone, and seems to think a replica of one of the most catastrophic natural disasters in recent history is the way to accomplish this despicable goal.

1. A woman was threatened at her place of business, and her truck was burned, all because she is black.

Although the other incidents are absolutely despicable, this one takes the cake this week. Nicole Rhodes lives in Youngstown, Ohio. She recently relocated her business, a hair salon/beauty school combination in the town. Since then, she has received racist, threatening letters, and her truck was burned to a crisp. Rhodes says she is not intimidated, though, and hopefully now that this has made the news, the attacks stop.

Well, that’s it for this week, folks! Your weekly round-up of right-wing racism. Stick with us for next week’s round-up as well, as we all know there’s never any shortage of racism from the right.

As always, our image is of one of the people lost to racist policing, this time, Michael Brown, as we just had the one-year anniversary of his death.


Featured image via Daily Mail