Jeb Bush’s Campaign Just Told An Embarrassing, Flat-Out Lie About #BlackLivesMatter (VIDEO)

Jeb Bush’s campaign wants you to believe that he privately met up with advocates of the Black Lives Matter movement shortly before his town hall event in Las Vegas, Nevada on Wednesday during a Q & A session. You know, the same one where he got his rear end handed to him, having to end the event suddenly after he had difficulty answering an activist’s questions. But, multiple sources are confirming that this simply isn’t true, and downright misleading.

Keven Hooks, president, and CEO of the Las Vegas Urban League says that there were only three people at the table with Bush, including himself. While there was a meeting beforehand, no activists from the Black Lives Matter movement were in attendance according to him. 

The meeting was supposedly called at the last minute, at the behest of the Bush campaign, because BuzzFeed reported about the possibility of Black Lives Matter activists interrupting the event, just like they did to Bernie Sanders. Bush was naturally concerned, and that’s understandable since he’s not exactly the poster boy for representing the same ideals as African-Americans. Given all the chatter on the internet, there were major rumors that he was going to be the first Republican candidate for President to be confronted by the organization. That’s why Bush set aside fifteen minutes of his day, to prepare for this potential confrontation. It didn’t matter. They still took him to school. Bush ended the event early because he couldn’t take the heat.

Bush’s plan was most likely to reach out to them beforehand, to limit any damage done publicly. That by itself would have been a smart move, at least as far as the press is concerned. The only problem is after that didn’t happen, the Bush campaign made it seem like they spoke to them anyways. Bush spokeswoman Allie Brandenburger stands by the supposed meeting that everyone else is saying never even took place:

“Bush met with Black Lives Matters advocates ahead of his event in Las Vegas on issues including criminal justice reform. As Governor Bush laid out in is speech to the Urban League, he is committed to campaigning across the nation as he seeks the presidency, talking to everyone and every community about his vision for restoring opportunity for all Americans.”

No, no he didn’t.

North Las Vegas Pro Tem Pamela Goynes-Brown, who was also at the table, said that no activists were there, and not only that, but they didn’t even talk about Black Lives Matter issues. Kevin Hooks confirms this and says that “it’s a little disingenuous” to even imply such a thing.

Patrice Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, was asked by HuffPost if she knew about the meeting. Nope.

“He lied, or does he not get what’s happening? And, he thinks he’s meeting with people when he’s not? Incredible. In-f*cking-credible.”

It’s not entirely clear what’s going on inside the Bush campaign at the moment, or why they would even make up such outlandish lies. Surely this is all one big public relations mistake, right? “I’m innocent, I swear.” But, it’s well deserved. Politicians pander to the public all the time to make it seem like they care about the causes of particular groups or people when in reality they don’t. In this case, they were not only called out but ended up creating an entirely new political fire to put out by being dishonest.

Watch Jeb Bush have trouble answering a question from a Black Lives Matter activist during his town hall event:

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