West Point Colonel Destroys Civil War Myths (VIDEO)

One of the right’s most enduring myths is that the Civil War was about anything and everything EXCEPT slavery. But Colonel Ty Seidule, a West Point history professor has had enough of the bullshit. In a brilliant and concise take-down of Neo-Confederate lies, Colonel Seidule gives the definitive answer to the question, “Was the Civil War about slavery?”

Watch it for yourself and marvel that we’re STILL having this discussion 150 years later:

That sound you heard at the end? That was the sound of Southern “rebels” howling in rage as their precious psuedo-history is torn apart.

A reasonable person would look at the history of the South, acknowledge the ugliness and move on. But many Southerners (overwhelmingly of the conservative persuasion) refuse to admit the reality reflected in the actual, real life, hold-in-your-hands, historical documents written by the actual people who started (and then brutally lost) the Civil War.

The states plainly said they’re seceding to preserve slavery. The newspapers of the time plainly said secession was about preserving slavery. The Vice Frakking President of the Confederate States of America plainly said secession was about preserving slavery.

So why the denial?

A lot of it is┬ábecause Southern conservatives never got over the sting of losing the war and the “right” to enslave other human beings. They’ll pretend their anger is about how the economy of the South was ravaged and poverty blablabla but there’s a reason racism is so rampant down South: Many conservatives still believe that white people should dominate black people.

I’m being unfair and mean? Then perhaps you can explain why the KKK came from and is still quite active in the South? Perhaps you can explain why the majority of lynchings occurred (and still occur) in the South? We had to pass laws, actual laws!, saying that hanging black people from trees because they touched a white woman was illegal. And who spent years blocking such an obvious law? Southern conservatives, of course.

And what happened when a Democratic president signed the Civil Rights Act into law? Southern conservatives abandoned the Democratic Party in droves and flocked to the Republican Party when they enacted the Southern Strategy (Google it) of nonstop dog whistle racism.

It goes on and on and on.

If you were raised to explicitly believe that black people are inferior beasts that should be kept in changes and subjugated to white people, you’d be pretty pissed off that the North took that away. But at the same time, you know that walking around and announcing that you’re still mad about losing a war to maintain slavery will get you accurately labeled a racist and condemned by the general public.

So what do you do?

You lie through your teeth about WHY the Civil War was fought so you can still support the Confederacy. You make up stories about “States’ Rights” while refusing to answer the question: States’ right to do what? (Answer: own black people). You ignore the written statements of the your state representatives (from 150 years) and say that the North was “jealous” of the South’s economy. You gloss over the fact that the South fired the first shot and call it “The War of Northern Aggression.”

You lie and you lie and you lie.

When you’re an unrepentant racist faced with the brutal onslaught of authoritative facts, what else do you have?

Featured image via video screen capture