Gun Nut Says Planned Parenthood Should Fund Itself With Sales Of ‘Dr. Mengele Cookbook’ (AUDIO)

Here we go again with the Nazi Germany references. This time it was Larry Pratt, the head of Gun Owners of America, a group that makes the NRA look reasonable. Appearing on Dr. Dave Janda’s radio show, Operation Freedom (the irony is lost on them, I’m sure), Pratt had an opinion on Planned Parenthood.

Pratt, falling in line with the rabidly anti-choice conservative belief that Planned Parenthood is farming out fetal body parts, went all Godwin on us:

“… from a medical standpoint, selling fetuses, selling human parts, I mean we might as well take that back to Nazi Germany for God’s sakes… maybe Planned Parenthood could replace their federal funding – which they may be losing now – with the sale of the Doctor Mengele cookbook for Jewish body parts.”

Oh, yeah. He went there. Nevermind that the comment is tasteless to an insane degree, it’s also wrong. The use of fetal tissue in the U.S. is legal, for one thing. Even Ben Carson used it in his research. According to The American Society for Cell Biology, fetal tissue comes from hospitals, nonprofit tissue banks and, sometimes, local abortion clinics. Tissue can come from miscarriages and stillbirths, not just from legal abortions. All of this is legal under the National Institutes of Health Revitalization Act, passed in 1993.

Dr. Josef Mengele, on the other hand, conducted his experiments under the auspices of a concentration camp. As one of the medical staff at Auschwitz, he had a particular fascination with twins. Mengele was one of the physicians who would select which prisoners would work and which would go immediately to the gas chambers. Because he would haunt newly arrived trains — even in his off-hours — looking for twins for experimentation, he came to be known as the “Angel of Death.” His research into twins was just one of his specialties. Mengele also studied eye pigmentation, gangrene and resistance to disease. The latter was aimed at showing how weak Jews and Gypsies were compared to the “Master Race.”

“He also attempted to demonstrate the ‘degeneration’ of Jewish and ‘Gypsy’ blood through the documentation of physical oddities and the collection and harvesting of tissue samples and body parts.”

Larry Pratt, like almost every other conservative nutter, has no knowledge of what actually went on during the Holocaust. He repeats names and phrases that he has heard from movies or other crazies. Without understanding what they mean, righties throw these around at their “enemies,” believing that they are clever or insightful. What they actually are is ignorant and insensitive to victims of the actual Holocaust.

Here’s the audio of Pratt’s remarks courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

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Featured image via Yad Vashem Photo Archives via the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum