Gay High School Basketball Star Finds His Picture Was Left Out Of His School’s Yearbook (IMAGES)

Dalton Maldonado is a Kentucky high school basketball star. The point guard for Betsy Layne High School, in Floyd County, has played on the team since he was in eighth grade, earning a starting position during his junior and senior years. Maldonado recently got his high school yearbook, and discovered that his picture is missing from the basketball team’s page. The likely reason? Dalton Maldonado is gay.

According to USA Today, Maldonado came out to his teammates last winter, following the team’s loss in a Christmas basketball tournament. In the postgame handshake line, one of the opposing players allegedly said, “Hey No. 3, I hear you’re a faggot.” To which Maldonado replied, “Yeah baby, can I have your number?”

Following the incident, Maldonado broke down in tears in the locker room, and told his teammates that he was gay. As the team boarded the bus to return to their hotel, opposing team members greeted Maldonado with chants of “faggot.” Some even tried to board the bus to attack him, and, when the bus pulled away, a few tried to follow it in their cars, according to Outsports. The situation was so bad that one of the coaches called the police.

On his Facebook page, Maldonado described how the school district tried to sweep the incident at the tournament under the rug:

“Then I had a person [affiliated] with the school tell me what they had learned about the school attempting to cover up the whole story. I recently saw my senior yearbook, I flipped right to the sports basketball page only to find my senior basketball picture missing…which devastated me.”


An oversight? Maybe, but not likely. However, that’s what the superintendent of schools is claiming. In a post on his Facebook page, Maldonado describes a phone conversation he had with the superintendent, Dr. Henry L. Webb:


Dalton Maldonado post 2

The head of the school system seems to think that it was ok that Maldonado’s picture was left out of the individual photos on the team page, because Dalton appeared in many other places in the yearbook. But that doesn’t address the question of why Maldonado was the only player who didn’t appear in an individual photograph on the basketball team’s tribute page. Of course, now that the story is out, the district is trying to cover their asses by issuing a new yearbook. But it’s hard to believe that they are going to reissue the yearbook to every student who bought one. It sounds like the intent is to make a new copy of the yearbook solely for Maldonado, in hopes of getting the issue to quickly and quietly go away.

Maldonado says that he hasn’t lost a single friend since he came out. He’ll soon be starting school at the University of Louisville, which almost always makes it into the NCAA basketball tournament.What great revenge for him, if those players from that other high school team have to sit and watch the man they hate so badly just because he’s gay, play on national television for one of the top teams in the country. As they say, Karma’s a bitch.

Featured image via Facebook