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Trump Triples Down On Megyn Kelly Attacks: ‘Blood Coming Out Of Wherever’ (VIDEO, IMAGES)

You thought Donald Trump was a douchebag to Megyn Kelly Thursday night? Apparently, he hadn’t even got started yet. He spoke with CNN’s Don Lemon on Friday night and showed why he’s well known as a misogynist.

In case you missed it, during last night’s GOP debate on Fox News, moderator Megyn Kelly asked Trump about his attitude towards women. She grilled him on his referring to women as “slobs,” “fat pigs” and “disgusting animals.” In reply, he said that he “didn’t have time” to be “politically correct,” and that those comments were all in jest, in any case. Right.

All day Friday, Trump whined about how Kelly “targeted” him. His minions rallied to his defense, calling Megyn Kelly all kinds of names. The one that cropped up most, though was “bimbo.” Trump retweeted this:

bimbo tweet

Then, on a phone call with Don Lemon Friday night, Trump went even farther. Bitching Talking about Kelly’s supposed attack on him, Trump said:

“She had blood coming out of her eyes. Or blood coming out of her wherever.”

Yes, you read that right. Trump was alluding to the possibility that Megyn Kelly was menstruating and that was why she was being so mean to him. Reaction on Fox came from Greg Gutfield and Dana Perrino and was pretty much what you’d expect:

gutfield tweet1

gutfield tweet2

perrino tweet

Here’s the video/audio:

Look, I’m no fan of Megyn Kelly (for the record, though, I think she did pretty well as a moderator). She’s said some pretty obnoxious stuff and I’ve gone after her for it. She’s¬†also been given props when she broke free of the Fox News narrative. But this transcends ideology. This is beyond belief and every woman I know — liberal, conservative, libertarian and everything in between — is shocked and angered by Trump’s comment. I actually had the same reaction as Dana Perrino (there’s a first): what the holy hell? No. Just, no.

Donald Trump is the GOP front-runner. That sentence in itself is like some kind of sick, bizarro world thing. Are there that many people who think that he would be a good president? Or is it just the novelty? Conservatives tend to go for the “out there” candidates early on. Remember when Michele Bachmann was on top in 2012? For our sakes I hope that this is the case with Trump. Because if he were to, gods forbid, become president, this country is screwed.

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