D.L. Hughley Drops A Truth Bomb: If Trump Used The N-Word, He’d Win (VIDEO)

Comedian D.L. Hughley dropped a truth bomb on Donald Trump and his band of backwards thinking supporters when he stopped by TMZ reporters at the airport. Given Trump’s notorious nature for saying outlandish things (and his surge in the polls after he does so), Hughley wasn’t too far off when he claimed that should Trump use the n-word, he’d win with Republicans:

“I think the more racist stuff Trump says, the better he does in the polls,” the comedian said. “If he said n****r, he’d be elected tomorrow. Anybody that takes Trump — Trump being president is like Flavor Flav winning a spelling bee. I just don’t know how they take that seriously.”

Given Republican hostility to voting rights, the confederate flag, and #BlackLivesMatter, and their inability to call the Charleston shooting racially motivated, it really wouldn’t be that far of stretch. After all, Trump is saying what everyone is thinking, right? At least that’s what all the conservative pundits are saying. Trump allegedly said a trait in black people is laziness, and people still support the man. I’m sure if he said the n-word that wouldn’t stop his psychotic base of supporters.

Hughley didn’t stop with bashing Trump and the circus act he’s putting on. He turned his attention the entire clown car that is the GOP field:

“I think he’s turned the whole thing into a reality show. How sorry are the other people running if Donald Trump is their best choice? How bad can your self-esteem be hurt when you’re getting your ass beat by Donald Trump in a political event.”

Hughley’s right. How is a reality TV hosting, four-times-bankruptcy-declaring birther beating, well, a Bush? How is a man who calls immigrants rapists and murderers surging with each offensive comment made? If his sexist comments regarding Arianna Huffington, and racist birther comments against President Obama haven’t disqualified him from being president, what will?

A recent poll from Bloomberg News has Donald Trump leading the polls with 21 percent of registered Republican voters backing him, compared to the 10 percent who support Jeb Bush and  the 8 percent who support Scott Walker.

With Thursday being the GOP’s first televised debate, Trump is going in strong. And given his combative, bombastic behavior, this debate will probably be just what he wants.

Trump might be a god-send to the Democrats, but there is no doubt America’s standing isn’t somehow knocked down a peg due to this clown making a mockery of who we are.

Watch D.L. Hughley’s remarks, courtesy of TMZ:

Featuerd image via Gage Skidmore