Jeb Bush’s Grandfather Was A Founding Member Of Today’s Planned Parenthood

Everything that is hidden eventually comes to the light. While Republicans have embraced a radical, anti-abortion fringe group as the national savior, one GOP candidate has some explaining to do.

Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida and 2016 presidential candidate, wants to launch a federal investigation and defund the major women’s healthcare provider Planned Parenthood. During the Iowa Faith and Freedom Summit, a top advisor for Bush said, “We have got to defund Planned Parenthood, by the way, and Gov. Bush supports those efforts.”

I guess Planned Parenthood is one Bush family endeavor they don’t want to be associated with anymore.

Prescott Bush, former United States Senator from Connecticut and grandfather of George W. and Jeb Bush, served as Planned Parenthood’s treasurer when they launched their first national fundraising effort in 1947.

I say “founding member” because the Planned Parenthood we know today wasn’t formally formed until 1942 after rebranding from the American Birth Control League.

Due to the extreme controversy surrounding his position in the “Birth Control Society,” Bush lost his election campaign in 1950. But come 1952, he won his Senate seat and served until 1963. The only reason he lost his seat is because a syndicated columnist named Drew Pearson “exposed” him, causing unease amongst Connecticut Catholics.

Papa Bush, H.W., and his wife were so supportive of family planning and Planned Parenthood that the then-Congressman was nicknamed “Rubbers.”

So now Jeb Bush wants to defund the very organization his father help build to what it is today – a politically influential institution that helps women domestically and internationally. Hopefully down the line the next generation of Bush’s will distance themselves from oil and defense contractors.

I wonder if Jeb will be asked about this in the upcoming GOP debate, given how Planned Parenthood has been used as a political battering ram. And if anyone knows anything about Republicans, they will fight to the death over who’s more conservative.

Featured image of Prescott Bush and Jeb Bush via Wikipedia