Bill O’Reilly Puts Words In Conservative Guest’s Mouth — Guest Tells O’Reilly To STFU (VIDEO)

It’s no secret that Bill O’Reilly’s ego is so big it’s a wonder his head can fit through most doorways. But now he apparently thinks he knows so much that he can tell the audience what his guests are saying, rather than let the guests say it themselves.

On the August 3 O’Reilly Factor, O’Reilly starts off his “Talking Points Memo” segment with an attack on Planned Parenthood that morphs into an attack on liberals and liberalism.

“There’s no question that Planned Parenthood is an abortion factory, and there’s no question that the group sells the body parts of dead babies or fetuses,” he says.

Actually, there’s no question that O’Reilly is wrong on both counts. says that abortions make up three percent of Planned Parenthood’s business and that only about ten percent of their clients receive abortion services. And regarding the second claim that O’Reilly makes — Factcheck shot that one down, too, in a detailed analysis of the now famous secret video from the Center For Medical Progress.

Next, O’Reilly wants to know what qualifications those who do not believe that life begins at conception have to make that judgement.

“It’s a belief, that’s all,” O’Reilly observes. “And your belief may be wrong.”

It seems that the man is just so arrogant that he hasn’t stopped to consider that his belief about the beginning of life could be wrong, too. And while we’re having this debate about beliefs, “millions of potential human beings are being destroyed,” he says. He forgets to add “some of whom might grow up to need some sort of public assistance and will be ridiculed by me, and Fox News, for their need.”

But the fun starts when O’Reilly shifts his focus from Planned Parenthood to liberalism and brings in conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer to help him trash Democrats. “Am I wrong here?” O’Reilly asks Krauthammer.

Apparently, Krauthammer goes off in a direction that O’Reilly is not entirely satisfied with. Krauthammer says that he thinks that liberals, “as embodied in the Democratic party,” as being less about ideology than about the desire to win elections. On the abortion issue, Krauthammer sees Democrats as catering to “feminists” who want abortion to remain legal. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. Both parties have constituent groups whose interests they attempt to serve.

“I would argue that this is less a matter of ideas, but it’s a matter of constituencies,” Krauthammer concludes.

Those comments seem to be too analytical for O’Reilly, who says:

“What Charles Krauthammer is saying to the world tonight is that liberals are morally bankrupt. They don’t believe in anything. They don’t believe in helping the downtrodden. They don’t believe in protecting the defenseless. They don’t believe in anything. They’re a bunch of cynical vote counters who’ll do anything for power. That is what you are saying.”

“Cynical vote counters who would do anything for power?” Bill, you sound like you’re talking about the Republican party. That is exactly how former Nixon lawyer John W. Dean described current day Republicans in his book, Conservatives Without Conscience.

Krauthammer isn’t about to let O’Reilly put words into his mouth.

“No, that’s what O’Reilly is saying that Charles Krauthammer is saying,” he fires back. “And since I’m more of an expert on what Krauthammer is thinking, I’ll give you what Krauthammer thinks.”

Krauthammer goes back to his idea that Democrats identify constituencies to represent and it drives O’Reilly crazy. He goes back to the abortion issue and asks if that doesn’t prove that liberals are morally bankrupt. Krauthammer starts to respond and when he starts to go where O’Reilly doesn’t want him to go, he gets cut off. “Oh, baloney,” O’Reilly tells him.

O’Reilly is so pompous and full of himself that even a staunch conservative like Charles Krauthammer called him out on his nonsense. This is ten minutes of great television.

Here’s the video, via Fox News: