CBS Reporter Actually Does His Job, Grills Huckabee About Nazi Reference (VIDEO)

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee appeared on Face the Nation on August 2, and he had to be wondering whether host John Dickerson got the memo from NBC’s Chuck Todd about not challenging your guests.

A little over a week ago, Huckabee ridiculed the Iran nuclear deal, saying that President Obama was “marching the Israelis to the door of the oven.” Dickerson starts off the conversation with that quote, and asks Huckabee point blank:

“I want to know, has there ever been a modern debate where an argument was won by using a Nazi analogy?”

Huckabee, who is apparently not familiar with Godwin’s Law (the first person to use a reference to Hitler or Nazis has lost the argument), replies that he doesn’t know whether it has ever won a debate or not, but that we are in “a very dangerous situation” because of the agreement. Huckabee then punches a huge hole in his own argument, which seems to be that Iran is going to attack Israel any day now. He says:

“And my comments, while the President may have called them ‘ridiculous,’ what’s ridiculous is that we would ever trust the Iranians, who for 36 years have vowed that they will wipe Israel off the face of the map and have vowed that they will bring death to America, and chanted it, even during the negotiations.”

Iran has been saying that they would destroy Israel and America for 36 years? They sure are taking their time getting around to it. You would think that since, in the eyes of Huckabee and Republicans (as well as some Democrats), the Iranians spend all of their waking hours plotting ways to kill Americans and Israelis, that they might have started to do it in some kind of major way by now. Hitler said he was going to eliminate Jews, then he almost immediately set about doing it. The Iranians apparently haven’t made their way down the “to do” list to the items that say “destroy America,” and “destroy Israel” yet.

But Huckabee thinks his analogy is appropriate, because he has been to Israel, and to Auschwitz, and he has thought about how serious it is when someone says that they want to eliminate “an entire group of people.” Of course it’s serious. But when you hear something like that, you kind of expect to see some signs that that is what they actually intend to do. Again, Hitler wasted no time in setting out to do exactly what he said he was going to do. Iran? Not so much. We’re talking about a country that hasn’t attacked another country in over 200 years. Unlike, say, the United States, which has repeatedly meddled in the affairs of Iran over the years. Not to mention all of the other countries the U.S. has attacked, covertly or openly.

Dickerson calls out Huckabee on the issue of “trust.” He says:

“You say that the administration trusts the Iranian regime, but throughout this, the president, and Secretary of State Kerry, plus the other members of the negotiating P5+1 have said they don’t trust Iran, and they’ve built this entire deal around the idea that they don’t trust Iran. So I’m confused about how you say they do trust them. They’ve been saying they don’t trust them at all. You just don’t believe them.”

Touche, John Dickerson, and here’s to a job well done. In this two minute segment, Dickerson showed how a journalist is supposed to act. If this was the norm, rather than the exception in Sunday morning shows, these interviews, sometimes referred to as “Meet the Republicans,” might be worth watching.

Here’s the video, via CBS News:

Featured image via CBS News video screen capture