Watch Bernie Sanders Crush Chuck Todd For Being A Media Hack

Bernie Sanders has a unique quality about him: he’s a politician whose message hasn’t changed since the day hey got into public office. He’s honest, he’s open and he progresses with the times. That’s why the Senator didn’t let a media hack like Chuck Todd dilute his legitimacy and drive a false narrative.

That’s exactly what Todd attempted to do on the weekend’s Meet the Press. When the topic of the tragic Lafayette shooting came up, Todd attempted to paint Sander’s as “pro-NRA,” saying “You’ve  continue[d] to walk, straddle a line here. You talk about how your sort-of-pro-NRA votes in Vermont having to do with being about Vermont, not about the nation as a whole.”

Sanders didn’t take kindly to the exploitation and mischaracterization during a time of tragedy:

“Chuck that’s not what I said. I come from a state that has virtually no gun control. And I voted to ban certain types of assault weapons. And I voted to close the gun show loophole. And I voted for instant background checks. And what I said is that as a nation we can’t continue screaming at each other or else we have to find common ground.”

When Todd pressed Sanders to elaborate on what common ground looks like, Sanders laid a clear plan in front of him, a plan that includes universal background checks, the banning of weapons designed not exclusively for hunting, and a close on gun-show loopholes.

Considering the fact Bernie Sanders has been given a D- rating from the NRA, coupled with his support for common-sense gun legislation, I wouldn’t call him “pro-NRA” like Todd did.

Todd didn’t do his homework.

After Sanders delivered that spanking, Todd attempted to pivot to another issue: race relations. Playing a clip from the Netroots Nation conference, where Sanders was interrupted by Black Lives Matter activists, Todd attempted to paint the situation as a racial confrontation. Sanders didn’t take kindly to that.

“It wasn’t a ‘confrontation,’ I was there to speak about immigration reform. And some people started disrupting the meeting.  And the issue that they raised was in fact a very important issue, about black lives matter, about Sandra Bland, about black people getting yanked out of, in this case of Sandra Bland, getting yanked out of an automobile, thrown to the ground and ending up dead three days later because of a minor traffic violation. This is an issue that is a very important issue, an issue of concern that I strongly share.”

As if Chuck Todd couldn’t embarrass himself any more than he already had, he said the Senator was seemingly “dismissive” of the whole underlying issue at hand. Sanders reminded Todd and his viewers that as someone who has been a member of the Civil Rights Movement for decades, his commitment to race relations is strong. He then drew parallels between institutional racism and poverty-stricken black communities as the fuel to racial tensions.

That’s when Todd then pivoted again, this time to Hillary Clinton.

So here you have it: Chuck Todd tried to sandbag Bernie Sanders into being this gun-toting, NRA loving, race-ignoring demagogue. That’s rich coming from guy who aired a montage of black killers during the Charleston tragedy. I wonder when NBC will fire Todd and move him over to Fox News?

Watch the exchange below, courtesy of NBC:

Featured image via NBC screen capture