Trump Is Right: John McCain Has Shamefully Turned His Back On Veterans

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Donald Trump is right. No he’s not right when said McCain is not a hero. McCain is definitely a war hero, and served in that capacity with honor, dignity, and without question. It’s in his service in the Senate and how he has turned his back on veterans that Trump is right about.

John McCain, a former POW and decorated veteran, has unequivocally and shamefully turned his back on veterans. After we (I say ‘we’ as an Arizona citizen) gave McCain, a veteran, everything he could have wanted for the last 28 years, he has decided to turn his back on his own, stifling any and all progress to alleviate the physical, emotional and financial sufferings of our men and women in uniform.

And for that, John McCain is a joke. It is he should apologize to veterans, along with Trump. You can’t ride on the coattails of your experiences and titles then crap all over the people who aren’t as fortunate as you. That’s not how it works.

But for those who still think McCain has “supported the troops” while serving in the United States Senate, let’s take a look at just some of the ways he’s disrespected and dishonored our nation’s warriors:

  • In February 2014, McCain voted ‘NAY’ on a veteran’s health bill. The bill, which was budgeted for $24 billion and was said to bring “the most significant changes in decades to U.S. veterans’ programs”, would have built 27 new medical facilities to aid veterans during the strained VA crisis.
  • In September 2012, McCain voted ‘NAY’ on a veteran’s job bill, which would have provided a mere $1 billion over five years with the goal of helping returning veterans find stable jobs in their communities.
  • In January 2011, McCain led the filibuster against the Defense Appropriations Act, effectively blocking an increase in military basic pay for (at the time) current troops and veterans, and new and improved policy on neurocognitive assessment by the military health care system.

Note to John McCain: Just because you were a POW doesn’t mean you deserve the title of ‘Senator.’ Just because you’re a veteran doesn’t mean you should get to make decisions that affect veterans. Clearly your priorities are not what they use to be.

So yes, Trump is right about one thing: McCain is a traitor to our men and women in uniform. Oh sure, McCain and other Republicans can strut around waving flags and saying “support the troops,” but when it comes down to it, they are the last people on the planet supporting the troops.

I hope Ann Kirkpatrick pummels that old fool in 2016. Senator McCain served with honor and courage in Vietnam, and that’s about it.

Image via Gage Skidmore