Hillary Clinton Is Using Trump Against The GOP, And It Is Amazing

Whenever I see a person like Donald Trump, I cannot wait to hear what they say next. Not because I like what they say, but because every offensive, vile, unmerited comment they make will only hurt them and those they associate with. I thought it couldn’t get any worse for Trump when he accused illegal Mexican immigrants of being rapists, but I was wrong. He’s going to continue to behave like a six-year-old.

I’m sure a lot of left-leaning voters would agree with me. Let them talk all they want. Let them expose themselves and the people who stand by them.

“What any Democratic candidate wants is to make sure that the Republican Party owns Donald Trump,” said political strategist Steven Elmendorf to the New York Times.

While Trump continues to cause headaches for the GOP establishment, there is one candidate in particular who is probably wishing Trump nothing but success: Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party’s frontrunner.

While calling Trump’s comments against Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) “shameful,” Clinton also said it’s sad “that it took so long for his fellow Republican candidates to start standing up to him.”

Snidely calling him the “frontrunner” for the GOP, Clinton compared the billionaire mogul to his rivals, whose policies, she said, aren’t that much different. Meaning that while their policies are virtually one in the same, their rhetoric is far from different, and Trump’s over-the-top inflammatory commentary will only hurt them all.

Now, of course, there is always benefit to Hillary. When is the last time you heard the media talking about Clinton’s emails, her Foundation, or Benghazi? You can thank Trump for that. Lord knows Hillary is. And with Bernie Sanders facing problems of his own with black activists over “Black Lives Matter,” Clinton seems to be heading into sunny days.

Paul Begala, who was a former Clinton campaign aide, said Trump’s comments “exposes the G.O.P. as the radical right-wing anger society it has become” which has the “potential to motivate her base [to vote].”

If Democrats haven’t been encouraged to vote by now, there may be little hope in the future. If the words “Donald Trump is the Republican Party frontrunner” hasn’t already sprang a liberal into action, they may have reached peak cynicism. I hope we learned our lesson when we got Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) in the Senate.

Featured image via Roger H. Goun