It Might Be Jeb v. Hillary: Both Have Out-Raised All The Others (So Far)

Liberals’ and conservatives’ biggest fear might become a reality if the cash keeps flowing in: the 2016 election may very well be another Clinton v. Bush.

You know what they say, “money buys elections,” well Clinton and Bush have all the money. But the most interesting part is that Jeb Bush has almost double the money Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton has and that should scare all of us.

According to the Federal Elections Commission (FEC), Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida, has approximately $114.4 million ($103 million from super PACs), compared to Hillary Clinton’s $63 million ($15.6 million from super PACs). Of Clinton’s $63 million, almost $19 million has been spent, compared to Bush who has only spent $3 million.

However, it should be noted that Clinton has raised the most money, meaning her campaign committee has the most actively sought out funds from public individuals. Bush has accumulated the largest amount money.

That means Bush has more dark money and Clinton has actually raised most of her money. Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy on April 12 and has only so much. Bush announced his a little over two months later and already had a truckload ready at his disposal.

It looks like Republican mega-donors really want Jeb Bush to be president.

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Rick Perry come in third, fourth and fifth place respectively; while Bernie Sanders, who is giving Clinton a run for her money, comes in six place with $15.2 million raised (no super PAC). Chris Christie is the only Republican who has raised all his money exclusively through super PAC funds.

With this election set to be the most expensive in history, money will be everything. With the Koch Brothers promising to flood the electoral system with almost a billion dollars, money has never been more important in politics.

Given this extreme amount of cash flow into the hands of Jeb Bush, liberals and progressives need to fight harder than ever if they want to win (hint: give money and/or time to Clinton, Sanders, Webb, or O’Malley).

If money buys elections, do you want to buy President Jeb Bush?

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore