Texas Scumbags Threaten To Desecrate Planned Muslim Cementary With Pig’s Blood

Conservative Texans like to fancy themselves to be the “true” America. Fierce, independent and all about everything America stands for. They love America so much that they keep threatening to leave it because of how that horrible Obama keeps shredding the Constitution. Unsurprisingly, the people that bellow the loudest about how much they revere the Constitution are the first to trample it into the mud when something doesn’t go their way.

Take, for example, the good people of Farmersville, a quiet little town in Texas where the residents love America so much they want to deprive their fellow citizens of the right to bury their dead because they’re the “wrong” religion:

“It is my duty and my right to warn when there is a danger” one resident said, according to a local news site, WFAA. Another resident warned that the cemetery would “kill Farmersville.”

The cemetery has been proposed by five Islamic centers in Collin County, the county within which Farmersville is located.

Some of the local inbred rednecks ‘Murikans are convinced that the cemetery is going to be a mosque or “training ground” (possible for ISIL terrorists!!!) but the rest know the truth and just don’t care:

Some residents took issue with how Muslims bury their dead, a local CBS affiliate reported. Muslims typically bury their dead immediately, and rather than using a coffin, the corpse is shrouded in a white cloth and placed directly into the ground.

“When somebody dies they bury them at that time. They don’t know whether they were shot, diseased or anything else. All they do is wrap them in a sheet from the grave and bury them,” town resident Troy Gosnell said.

One resident expressed concern the burial practice could contaminate the town’s drinking water.

Really? REALLY?! As opposed to all the toxic chemicals that fill the corpse of an embalmed Christian leaking out of a casket? And, just as an aside, as a Jew, I’m familiar with the Jewish custom of not embalming the body and burying it in a thin pine casket so the body can return to the earth as soon as possible. Since inbred rednecks conservatives are supposed to be pretending to love us Jewish people, I wonder if they’re OK with our “dangerous” burial practices?

One of the saddest and funniest things about right wing bigotry is how creative they get with their excuses. What they really want to say is, “We hate Muslims!” but that doesn’t really hold up well in a country founded on religious freedom. After all, if Muslims tried to block a Christian cemetery, these same people would go into a frenzied rage.

Instead, some of these lowlife pond scum upstanding citizens are threatening to resort to what amounts to religious warfare:

…residents who spoke during a 30-minute time allocated for community comments are hoping to thwart the plan. Some have reportedly threatened to dump pigs blood or put pigs heads on posts so Muslims won’t buy the property, the CBS affiliate reported.

It’s hard to fathom the kind of hatred one must possess to even contemplate doing something like that but I suppose that’s why I’m not a conservative in the first place.