Koch Crony Scott Walker Actually Called The Minimum Wage ‘Lame’

The man who decimated unions, cut millions from education, and now has given is state the seven-day work week now says the minimum wage is a “lame idea” from the left.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Right after becoming the one millionth Republican to enter the presidential race, Walker’s first interview was with Sean Hannity. While attempting to justify his disgusting treatment of workers, Walker claimed that the minimum wage was a “lame idea” the Democrats have put forth to keep jobs:

“The left claims they’re for American workers, and they’ve got lame ideas, things like minimum wage. We need to talk about how we get people skills and qualifications they need to get jobs that go beyond minimum wage.”

Ah, yes, the thing that could lift five million Americans out of poverty is a “lame idea.” The thing that allows employees to have the even the most minimal amount of decency in the workforce is lame.

You want to talk about lame ideas? Look no further than Walker’s disastrous governorship: his state is number 32 in the best sates for business category, they are 27 in overall economic climate, and he only reached half his promised goal of bringing 250,000 jobs to Wisconsin by 2015.

Oh, and Wisconsin is also ranked dead last in personal income growth.

It seems to me the only thing that’s “lame” is Scott Walker (and Sean Hannity’s hair). AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka was right when he called Walker a “national disgrace.” He’s already disgraced Wisconsin, and now he wants to do it again, this time on a national level.

Any person who calls a basic wage that keeps people from falling behind “lame” should never even come close to the presidency. Walker becomes the biggest clown in the Republican race behind Donald Trump, and he’s about tied with Cruz and Santorum.

Walker makes over $144,000 a year as governor. Let’s put him on less than minimum wage and see how lame he thinks it is.

Featured Image Via Gage Skidmore