Trump: I Am ‘The Most Militaristic Man In The Room,’ Dodged Military Service

Donald Trump is an idiot. We all know that. He’s a hypocrite. We all know that. But I am a little surprised he calls himself “the most militaristic man in the room.” I thought that was Lindsey Graham.

During his trumped up (no pun indented) speeches in Las Vegas and Phoenix, the anti-immigrant billionaire touched on his “militaristic” nature and how ISIS “will be in such trouble,” and how he “would take them out so fast.”

I’m not surprised, however, to find out Trump dodged his service in the military.

Like Mitt Romney, Dick and Liz Cheney, Joni Ernst (who has the audacity to call herself a combat veteran) and John Bolton, Trump is just another chicken hawk.

On December 1, 1969, Trump was drawn as number 356 according to Selective Service records. That was 18 months (and 5 deferments) after he graduated from college.

Trump got his first two deferments (Class 2-S student) between June 1964 and December 1965. In November 1966, he was classified as able to serve Class 1-A) , but it was reversed. He had one more deferment in January 1968 before he transferred from Fordham to the University of Pennsylvania.

Then, in October of that year, Trump was again classified as able to serve. But it was reversed, just like the first time.

In September 1967, he was given a medical deferment (Class 1-Y).

So, there you have it. While Donald Trump goes off on how he is the most macho when it comes to the military, his records show he never once served this nation. A list of deferments, two legitimate ones reversed, kept him from taking part in the Vietnam War.

Another Republican wanting to send America’s men and women overseas to fight their wars when they have never served themselves. This is becoming a trend in the GOP: a bunch of scared, old, white men who sit in their thousand dollar suits while young Americans die or get injured. Looks like Donald Trump is their newest member.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore