Mike Huckabee Doesn’t Believe In Palestinians But He Does Believe They Should Be Kicked Out (VIDEO)

In 2008, Mike Huckabee made a statement that finally came to light, thanks to BuzzFeed. It’s sure to please his base that believes Netanyahu is the de facto President of the United States but it will do little for the international community or for people who live in reality.

At a campaign stop in his 2008 losing presidential campaign (he’s made a career of it lately), he referred to the Palestinian people as a “political tool” which doesn’t actually exits.

“Basically, there really is no such thing as — I need to be careful about saying this, because people will really get upset — there’s really no such thing as a Palestinian,” Huckabee said at the 2008 campaign stop while speaking to two Orthodox men. “There’s not.”

He also believes that the Palestinians (which are figments of someone’s imagination) need to be relocated somewhere outside Israel.

“You have Arabs and Persians,” Huckabee continued at the 2008 appearance. “And there’s such complexity in that. But there’s really no such thing. That’s been a political tool to try and force land away from Israel.”

“My point is, if that’s the issue, if its real estate, if you look at a map, and say here is how much Israel has and here is how much the Arab states hold, there is plenty of land. Let them take it out of Egypt. Let’s take it out of Syria. Let ‘em take it out of Jordan.”

Source: Buzzfeed

Here’s the video:

According to right-wing Christians, there is no closer relationship than the one between them and the Jewish people, but it’s an unrequited love. Polls show that Jewish people are twice as likely to support Muslims as they are to support evangelical Christians, which could be because their views tend to be far more liberal than those of evangelical Christians. In fact, evangelicals are more likely to stand with Israel than are American Jews.

So why are Huckabee and other right-wing Christians so pro-Israel and in denial of Palestine? Essentially they see Israel as a pathway to salvation. They don’t love Jewish people. In fact, they believe that when the Second Coming comes around, Jews will either convert or go to hell.

While with people like Huckabee, who likely still see Jews as being Christ killers, the end-time scenario is probably the biggest attraction to Israel, Neocons have another motive. Israel is our most loyal ally in the Middle East and a strategic place to put weapons. Neocons would also be quite happy if Israelis didn’t have to use the expensive weapons we sold them by fighting against Palestinians.

There is a movement, even among many on the right and among some in Israel, to cut financial ties. Israel has a booming economy, but we still give them $3.1 billion a year. Of course, if Huckabee, or any Republican with the possible exception of Rand Paul, were to take office, we’d find ourselves even further intrenched with the far right regime of Benjamin Netanyahu.

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