Colorado Pot Shops Are Saving The State In Yet One More Way (VIDEO)

While the U.S. will have spent between $4 and $6 trillion dollars on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and while Republicans are pushing for more war here at home, our roads, bridges, trains and all the other forms of infrastructure are crumbling – because we’re too broke to fix them, or something.

Republicans don’t tend to fret much over the fact that the nation is crumbling. They simply think that citizens should pay it as a sort of sales tax for everything we buy instead of a direct tax. In other words, corporations should pay for infrastructure out of their profits, which come from us. Or, it doesn’t get fixed until there’s a disaster. No matter what, we pay and like I said, Republicans are fine with that.

One business in Colorado is picking up the slack and Republicans may not be happy about it, but they are mum so far. Colorado’s legal marijuana industry is one of the most profitable industries in the state. Last year alone, the industry was worth $700 million in total revenue and almost $80 million to the state.

Now, the industry is putting even more into the state by sponsoring sections of Colorado highways. It’s a win/win. Marijuana dispensaries, which are forbidden from most forms of advertising in Colorado, get to at least put their name on some sort of sign outside their building and the roads, which desperately need help, get at least some cleanup.

“For people to say the cannabis industry is not doing anything for the community , on our side we’re spending a lot of money for the general population, something we don’t have to do,” said Alex Person with Silver Stem Fine Cannabis. “And you could look at it as advertising, but it’s definitely not advertising.”


The state agrees that it’s not advertising. They’re happy to take the money and overlook the fact that it’s a gray area. It’s just as likely, though, that right in the middle of an “adopted” stretch of road, there could eventually be a “Drive High, Get a DUI” sign, so it’s hardly an invitation to light up.

Here’s the video:

This is potentially very big money for the state. One shop alone has spent over $100,000. Right now, Republicans in the state are notably silent on this new revenue stream, but there’s not much they can say. In 2010, a neo-nazi group was given permission to adopt a section of a Colorado highway.

Featured image via video screen capture.