Texas Revolts Against Marriage Equality By Throwing Mass Temper Tantrum

Right-wingers warned us for years that homosexuals winning the right to get married would destroy the institution of marriage. What they forgot to mention is that THEY would be the ones trying to destroy it:

Throughout Texas, officials are refusing to perform weddings altogether, to stave off discrimination lawsuits for turning away same-sex couples.

Across the state, local media outlets are reporting that justices of the peace are taking Attorney General Ken Paxton’s words to heart, citing “religious objections” to avoid marrying anyone at all.

In a statement to KLTV, James Meredith, a justice of the peace in Smith County, writes, “I will no longer perform weddings after I conduct the few weddings I already had scheduled before the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling.”

This refusal to do their jobs is based on the relatively unknown legal theory of “You can’t make me eat my vegetables!” This strategy is usually reserved for the lower courts and by “lower” I mean “under three feet and 4 years of age”.

That grown men and women would refuse to marry people because they think they’re icky is a national embarrassment. That they’re hiding behind their religion is even worse. These are judges, ostensibly people who have actually read the Constitution and studied law history at some point. Did they skip the chapter on Loving v. Virginia? It was pretty straightforward: The Supreme Court found that you can’t make laws forbidding two consenting adults of different races to get married because you think it’s icky or your “religion” tells you to. And that ruling was the case precedent for full marriage equality.

What’s next? Will they stand on the steps of their courthouses bellowing “Traditional marriage now! Traditional marriage tomorrow! Traditional marriage forever!”?

I wouldn’t be surprised. After all, the knuckledragging mobs that opposed mixed race marriages used some of the exact same arguments against gay marriage. It didn’t work then, and it definitely didn’t work now.

Personally, I’m absolutely thrilled that the right is choosing to die on this hill right before an election. There is literally no better way to show the public just how unhinged and cruel the American right wing has become than by watching them hollering their hate from atop their churches like a deranged Quasimodo. Or to show how little respect they have for this country than to let them rebel against the Constitution they swore to uphold. Or to witness the immediate spike in anti-gay rhetoric promising violence and the clear increase in actual anti-gay violence because nothing says “I love America” like viciously attacking fellow Americans for being different.

Anthony Kennedy may have thought he was clearing this topic off the GOP’s plate ahead of a critical national election. The idea most likely being that Republicans would be able to shrug their shoulders and say “It’s out of our hands!” and voters would move on. But it looks like he might have misjudged just how hate-filled the right wing is. These are the same people that still STILL fly the flag of the Confederacy to show how much they despise blacks 60 years after they won their rights. The odds of them moving on are somewhere between a snowball’s chances in hell and Bill O’Reilly voluntarily touching a black person. So don’t hold your breath.

Watching the right wing drop all pretense and baring the dark core of hate that drives them is good for the country. You can’t cut out a cancer unless you know where it is.