Here’s How Bigots Are Responding To ‘Rainbowed’ Profile Pics On Facebook

Showing support for the LGBT community’s big win in the Supreme Court was made easy with a developer app that allows people to “rainbow” their profile picture. A semi-transparent rainbow overlay is applied and voila, your profile picture is automatically transformed into a statement of support for equality.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leonardo DiCaprio, Anne Hathaway, Elizabeth Banks, Ariana Huffington, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg have joined with 26 million others in what is truly a unifying experience on social media.


As the movement grows and Americans celebrate equality, the bigots of the right-wing have come up with their own way to show support for hatred, and it is absolutely ridiculous.

The ‘Murican “patriots” have once again hijacked the American flag.

An app provided by the propaganda mill is “countering” the rainbow pics with an American flag, because in their deluded minds, the American flag only belongs to intolerant a-holes who support our troops until they need insurance or food stamps.

The app isn’t nearly transparent enough to actually see your profile picture through, and unlike the rainbow app, you have to do all the work of finding, uploading, downloading and reinserting the image you want changed to be a true ‘Murican. Here’s a before and after of what you get when you join the revolution:


The poorly designed overlay is far too prominent, almost blocking out the profile picture completely. As with all things right-wing in nature, it’s full of fail.

The graphics are only the beginning of how this little campaign fails. The hijacking of our national symbols by people who clearly hate America has become weak and tiresome. Bald eagles deserve better. Our veterans coming home from Republican wars only to have the imbeciles who supposedly “support” them post all day about how they should head back over to fight ISIS on the ground is infuriating. American flags on the profile pictures of those who can’t seem to let go of the confederacy is hypocrisy at its worst.

Do they really not understand just how foolish an American flag profile picture looks for someone who decides that 2 1/2 branches of government should be ignored and impeached while legislation to make being poor a crime, regulate women’s rights, and legally discriminate against gay people and minorities moves forward?

These people are seriously delusional, they are traitors to our country, and they are armed and dangerous. The only plus is, when the day comes that they decide to bring their stupidity to the streets, their little rebellion will be squashed within hours and maybe, just maybe, all of this pseudo-pride in an America that ended a century and a half ago will die.

Here’s some reality for you, right-wingers, courtesy of Twitter user Nick Manes:

Featured image: Facebook