Even China Cares More About America Fixing Broken Bridges Than Republicans Do

Republicans and their pundits love to toss out that the economic recovery from the Bush-induced Great Recession is the slowest recovery in history. They refuse, however, to talk about why.

With every other recovery necessary to bounce back from bankers destroying us or Republicans selling our future for war profits, investment right here at home has been key. After GOP hero Saint Ronny Reagan raided the Social Security Trust Fund and put us into a downward spiral with trickle down failonomics, and four years of Bush Sr. trying to sell wars nobody wanted, Clinton figured out that investment sparks investment, sinking billions into our nation’s crumbling roads and bridges.

Yes, infrastructure matters and now, fourteen years later, not only do we have a great opportunity to put Americans to work and invest in our own country, we have a stockpile of bridges and roads in desperate need of repair.

Why then haven’t we jumped on this Clinton bandwagon, a tried and tested policy that sees 70 cents of private investment for every dollar the government spends?

Yup. Republicans. If Republicans were to allow infrastructure spending there might be a quicker recovery and not as much to blame on Obama.

It has now become so blatantly obvious that the Chinese, known to build whole cities for curb appeal, have taken notice.

Chinese Finance Minister Lou Jiwei called on the United States to increase domestic savings and investment to strengthen growth, including spending to improve bridges, roads and rail systems. According to an article in Raw Story:

Speaking during the first day of the annual Strategic and Economic dialogue between the rival political and economic powers, Lou countered US pressure for China to stop relying on investment to power growth.

He pointed out that China’s contribution to global growth is 30 percent, while the US, the largest economy in the world, added only 10 percent.

China, acknowledging that U.S. growth drives the world economy, is concerned that our policies, either dictated by or hindered because of the Republican-led Congress, don’t do enough in the leadership role we’ve assumed since the end of World War II.

The article continues:

“We also hope that the United States accelerates its structural reform process and develops effective processes to increase labor force participation and then enhancing the savings rate,” [Lou] said in a press conference, speaking through an interpreter.

“The United States should have a proper mechanism to mobilize more savings to direct to investment. At the same time we would suggest that the US could use the opportunities of greater fiscal space to increase the investment in infrastructure.”

It’s so simple even the Chinese see it. Savings sparks investment, and there can be no savings in an economic climate where we are forced to slowly climb from an economic hole dug by Republican failures to an unstable platform built on Republican policies of obstruction and obstinacy.

At some point we have to move past the congressional gridlock. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like that will happen any time soon, as in 2017 a party of racists will surely turn misogynist.

Featured image: ctvnews