Hillary Clinton: Confederate Flag Shouldn’t Fly Anywhere

While Republican candidates are backtracking on their support for the Confederate Flag, Hillary Clinton is taking a hard stand against the racism and bigotry it represents. While speaking at the historically black Christ the King United Church of Christ outside of Ferguson, Missouri, Clinton also called on other retailers to stop selling the flag, saying:

“It shouldn’t fly there. It shouldn’t fly anywhere…That night, word of the killings struck like a blow to the soul. How do we make sense of such an evil act, an act of racist terrorism perpetrated in a house of God?”

Take note, Republicans and media: this was an act of terror. Hillary Clinton knows it, we all know it. Call it what it is.

Controversy over the flag boiled to new heights after Dylann Roof, a 21-year-old white supremacist who murdered nine African-Americans, posed with the flag in a multitude of disturbing photographs.

Calling the flag a “symbol of our racist past,” Clinton also said  the removal of the flag is “just the beginning of what we have to do” to end racism in the United States. She also called on ending the continued racial segregation in the South’s public school systems. Her campaign contends that schools are more racially segregated today than they have been since the 1960s.

Here’s a little piece of history: Hillary Clinton called for the removal of the flag in 2007 while making a campaign stop. This isn’t something new that she decided to just all of sudden jump on board with. And these comments are in perfect alignment with her strong comments on race relations – from incarceration rates, to police brutality, to expanding voting rights.

The comments in Missouri come after Clinton rightfully pointed out that our struggle to overcome racism is far from over:

“It’s tempting to dismiss a tragedy like this as an isolated incident, to believe that in today’s America bigotry is largely behind us, that institutionalized racism no longer exists. But despite our best efforts and our highest hopes, America’s long struggle with race is far from finished

While the GOP has treaded very, very lightly on the issues, Hillary is taking the issues by storm, pledging support for minority Americans to get a leg up in society.

Featured image via Roger H. Goun