Judge Deals Another Blow To Glenn Beck In Defamation Lawsuit Against Him

Glenn Beck now stands to lose millions of dollars after the judge overseeing the defamation case against him allowed the man he slandered to tack a new charge to the lawsuit.

In 2013, Beck falsely accused Saudi national Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi of being a “terrorist” who helped plan and carry out the Boston Marathon bombing. Even after law enforcement cleared Alharbi of any wrongdoing, Beck continued to paint him as a perpetrator, thus putting a stigma on Alharbi’s reputation and a target on his back.

So Alharbi filed a defamation lawsuit against Beck and his company, The Blaze, seeking damages. Of course, Beck and his attorneys fought to have the lawsuit tossed, but U.S. District Judge Patti Saris slapped Beck down and allowed the lawsuit to proceed. Beck “made numerous false statements about Alharbi on his radio show, even after he was cleared,” Saris wrote in her ruling late last year.

“As a private figure, Alharbi is not required to allege actual malice in order to make out a claim for defamation. Instead, the level of fault required on the defendants’ part is merely negligence… The facts alleged in Alharbi’s complaint easily permit an inference that the defendants were negligent as to the truthfulness of their reports after the authorities cleared his name. The Court need not determine whether the allegations create a plausible claim of actual malice.”

And now, Beck faces another charge that Saris has happily allowed Alharbi to include in the lawsuit: unjust enrichment.

Indeed, Beck makes millions of dollars telling lies on the air and continued to make millions as he unjustly and repeatedly called Alharbi a terrorist who funded and participated in the attack on Boston, which was actually carried out by Chechen brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. And Saris’ decision raises the stakes of the lawsuit even higher for Beck, because if he loses, he could have to write one of the largest checks he’s ever written and hand it to Alharbi. And there is recent precedent that gives us an idea how this might all play out.

According to Talkers Magazine:

“In her decision, Judge Saris stated that ‘Massachusetts courts have recognized that misuse of confidential information may lead to unjust enrichment.’ Judge Saris also cited the defamation and unjust enrichment lawsuit brought by former Minnesota Governor and former Navy SEAL, Jesse Ventura against Chris Kyle, the author of the book and the subject of the movie ‘American Sniper.’ In the book and in a later interview with Bill O’Reilly about the book, Kyle described an alleged bar fight involving Ventura during a wake for one of Kyle’s comrades killed in action. In his O’Reilly interview account of the fight, Kyle quoted Ventura as saying the Seals deserved to “lose a few” due to their involvement in an unjust war in Iraq. In Kyle’s version of the altercation, Ventura ended up “on the floor” with a black eye. The case went to trial after the death of Kyle and ended with a largely reported verdict in favor of Ventura, the plaintiff. What was less reported was the jury’s verdict consisted of an award of $500,000 for defamation and $1.35 million for unjust enrichment.

In short, Glenn Beck is reaping what he sowed and he should have to pay serious consequences for what he did to Alharbi. Not only should he have to pay millions of dollars in damages, his radio and television programs should be yanked off the air by the FCC since slander is a clear violation of FCC regulations.

So far, it definitely looks like Glenn Beck is getting bit in the ass by karma, and hopefully, it will eat him alive.

Featured image via Common Consent