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Watch Out Hillary, Bernie Sanders Is Catching Up Fast

It was only a matter of time. As more people figure out who Bernie Sanders is and listens to his message, the better he will do in the polls. In New Hampshire, a key battleground state in the primary elections, the once virtually unknown senator from Vermont is just 10 percentage points behind Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

When it comes to voters who identify themselves as liberal, the two are tied at 39 percent. Those who identify as more of a centrist Democrat favor Clinton by 20 points. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Clinton still leads Sanders with white and female voters while Sanders leads with male voters.

Vice President Joe Biden comes in a distant third place with 7 percent and Martin O’Malley fourth with just 3 percent.

Another recent poll from the Granite State has Sanders within 12 points of Clinton:

Forty-four percent of Granite State Democratic primary voters back Clinton, who won the state’s primary in 2008, according to [a] poll by Morning Consult. But 32 percent support Sanders, the independent senator from neighboring Vermont. The next closest potential candidate, Vice President Biden, came in third with support from 8 percent of Democratic primary voters.

Republicans keep throwing the word “coronation” around when describing Hillary Clinton. They think that just because the Democrats don’t have 10,000 candidates running (like they seem to have), they are just handing over the election to Clinton. By that definition, it’s actually the Republicans who have very little hope for Bernie Sanders, not the Democrats.

Sanders is a serious challenger to Clinton – whether Republicans or even Democrats want to admit it. Unless Sanders has some sort of monumental scandal or controversy rock his campaign, his favorability rating has nowhere to go but up, as it has been over the last several months.

Watch out Hillary, this may not be as much of a breeze as once thought. Sanders is truly in it to win it.

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