He Who Must Not Be Named Outpolling Most Of GOP Presidential Field

Apparently, the Republican field is so poor right now that even the Dark Lord himself is beating out most of the candidates. In a recent poll, people were asked about the favorability of various candidates for president. And, to add some flavor, a few fictional characters were included.

With the exception of Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Scott Walker, every single GOP candidate came behind, of all people, Lord Voldemort, the primary villain from the Harry Potter series of books. While other characters, such as the Terminator and the shark from Jaws also were included, that the GOP field could not best what many consider the most evil wizard who ever lived is remarkable, and telling.

To remind us, Lord Voldemort is the name used by Tom Marvolo Riddle. Born on the 31st of December, 1926, he was abandoned by his father and grew up in an orphanage after his mother died shortly following his birth. Later in life, he adopted the name of Voldemort, becoming one of the most feared dark wizard in history, with a murder count that would make serial killers envious. Before his death at the hands of Harry Potter in 1998, Riddle left in his wake a path of death and destruction few could ever hope to match in the wizarding world.

Despite being born of a wizard mother and muggle father, Tom Riddle was a promoter of wizarding pure blood. His positions promoting human wizards over any other magical creatures won him supporters among some wizards. His rejection of law and order with a focus on “might makes right” led him into conflicts. And oddly, these very characteristics are what appears to be appealing to the GOP voter base.

The author of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling, has described Tom Riddle as the most evil dark wizard for hundreds and hundreds of years, a self-hating bully, a raging psychopath devoid of empathy, a power-hungry racist, someone who prefers for his henchmen to do his dirty work for him, and that if psychologists were to get Tom Riddle in a room, pin him down, and take his wand away, he would be classified as a psychopath.

And, if he were to seek the nomination for president from the Republican Party, he would be one of the frontrunners.

No clearer example of the problems the GOP is having can be had than that the party would sooner elect Tom Riddle than most of their actual candidates for President.

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