Bernie Sanders Runs On ‘Redistribution Of Wealth’: Rich To Pay Over 50 Percent In Taxes (VIDEO)

This is why Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is so beloved, and really does have a very strong chance at the presidency: he’s looking to raise taxes on the wealthy to more than 50 percent.

Sanders stated on Charlie Rose recently:

“We’re working right now on a comprehensive tax package, which I suspect will, for the top marginal rates, go over 50 percent.”

Currently, the highest rate sits around 39.6 percent.

Just in case folks aren’t crystal clear, too, Sanders says right out loud what most any other candidate would run from like the plague. He said he’s running on the platform of “redistribution of wealth.” Amazing, right? He truly knows what the American people want and need to make this country balance itself out again. His reason for doing so? “Grotesque levels of wealth inequality in this country.”

It’s nice to see a politician who recognizes this beyond a talking point, isn’t it? If only he and Elizabeth Warren would team up. What a powerhouse that would be!

But, Warren’s out, so Sanders will have to go it alone. Thankfully, he’s got the right amount of moxie to make it work. And if we’re lucky, he’ll win and appoint Warren to his cabinet.

Sanders remarked to Bloomberg’s Al Hunt on Charlie Rose:

“It is time to redistribute money back to the working families of this country from the top one-tenth of 1 percent, and tax policy is one of the ways we do that.”

Because what Sanders understands, and the rest of us really need to, is that “redistribution of wealth” is not stealing from the rich. In fact, it’s actually a redistribution of wealth that has previously been redistributed (read stolen) away from all of us common folks. Through legislation resulting in less and less regulation, more and more loopholes have popped up over time that has allowed the wealthy to get out of paying their fair share of taxes, resulting in the enormous wage and wealth gap the U.S. currently faces. So when Sanders talks about “redistribution of wealth” that many people say with a sneer, like it’s dirty and unfair, we have to recognize that it is really a re-establishment of what is fair by removing the loopholes and ensuring the wealthy pay for their fair share of taxes, and maybe even make up for some they have not been paying for all these years.

In some books, ducking out of taxes might even be considered traitorous.

Sanders didn’t stop with private tax rates, either. He’s looking to raise corporate tax rates, as well, despite both Republicans and the White House working in the opposite direction. Loopholes, Sanders said. He’s sick of them, and so are the American people.

Even better! Just when this guy sets a hot fudge brownie sundae out for you, he goes and puts a golden cherry on the top.

Sanders said:

“If you look at the collective percentage of revenue coming in from corporations today, it is significantly lower than it was back in the 1950s. I think it’s about 10 percent today.”

Sanders really does have a very strong shot at the presidency, too, and he knows it. As he said, his is not a protest campaign out there just to make a point. He’s really in it to win it. He’s one of three Dems, so far, challenging the presumed frontrunner, former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton.

If you have your doubts about Sanders as a serious, viable candidate, consider the Wisconsin straw poll that just came out, showing Sanders trailing Clinton by a mere 8 points, and if he keeps talking such a good game, he could close that up really quick.

And financially he’s doing well, too. As of Thursday, Sanders claims his campaign has raised over $6 million, averaging $40 per donation since his campaign launched on April 30. He estimates they will have raised $10 million before the 4th of July.

Let us hope that Bernie Sanders train keeps a-rollin’, all night long.

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