Christian Couple Threatens To Divorce If Gay Marriage Becomes Legal

If you think the United States holds the patent on crazy extremist right-wing Christians, you’d be wrong. An Australian couple has vowed to divorce if same-sex marriage becomes legal. So much for the sanctity of marriage.

The United States isn’t the only country that’s finding itself in the middle of a struggle between those who want equality and those who want their Christianity to be the law of the land.

Australia is also in a struggle for civil rights for all. A nationwide ban against same-sex marriage was overturned in 2013 and now, a bill is being debated in their Legislature which would fully legalize it for the entire country.

While most Australians support same-sex marriage, the country’s Prime Minister, Tony Abbot, is opposed, and he could lead the defeat of the bill.

Nick and Sarah Jensen have been married for 10 years. They claim to be happily married, but if gay marriage is approved, they are threatening to get a divorce in protest, because same-sex marriage could lead to polygamy (as if polygamy isn’t biblical marriage).

Jensen told Fairfax Media that he and his wife entered into their marriage “as a fundamental order of creation, part of God’s intimate story for human history, man and woman, for the sake of children, faithful and for life”.

“And so, if later on in the year the state does go ahead and changes the definition of marriage and changes the terms of that contract then we can no longer partake in that new definition unfortunately,” he said.

Legalising same-sex marriage would undermine “our most sacred institution, and have serious consequences for children who would grow up without a mother or father,” Jensen said.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

The couple has children, but even though they plan to have no more, they say that children are the purpose of marriage, so to punish the government, they’ll punish their own children? Makes sense to me. I wonder if they’re against people over 50 marrying or infertile couples marrying.

Featured image via Lachlan MacQuarie Internship, where Nick Jensen is the founding director.