Right-Wing Radio Host Finds Way To Blame McKinney Pool Party On Obama (VIDEO)

Right-wing radio host Bryan Fischer’s outraged by that ill-fated pool party in McKinney, Texas. And he knows exactly who to blame: President Barack Obama. Because, apparently, in Old White Guy World, the black people are always at fault.

First, Fischer accuses Obama of “waging war on law enforcement”:

“I think President Obama […] is really waging war on law enforcement now for virtually all of his tenure as president, immediately accusing cops of being racist, accusing blacks of being victims regardless of what kind of behavior they may have engaged in.”

Then Fischer declares that when we call police officers and others out on their racism, it makes other racists angry.

“Amazing how they manage to do that, huh? It all started when a teenage party at a community pool started getting a little wild, and a neighbor called the police. Although the kids came in many colors, Officer David Eric Casebolt singled a black girl out for some particularly rough treatment.”

That’s right. In Bizarro Bryan Fischer World, ever since we voted that black guy into office, those blacks have gotten more ornery and lawless. Furthermore, calling people out on their racism and cracking down on police brutality is…racist. How delightfully ironic.

“That’s racism because he’s encouraging people to form their opinion of somebody based not on the content of their character, or the nature of their conduct but on the color of their skin. That’s just racism. That’s the only way you can describe that.”

Well, Bryan Fischer, if you want to hold people accountable for their behavior regardless of the color of their skin, then you should blame the (white) police officer who brutalized a teenage (black) girl, and the (white) woman who may have made things worse by allegedly insulting a black family who happened to be having a barbecue, as reported by The New York Times. The woman said:

“You need to go back to where you’re from [and] go back to your Section 8 home.”

Meanwhile, a neighbor had called the police because the pool party — which started in a nearby park and migrated to a community pool in the subdivision — had gotten out of control. As often happens with teenage parties, too many kids came.

This diverse, newly-constructed suburban neighborhood hardly had a reputation for racial strife, crime or gangs. Yet, Cpl. David Eric Casebolt singled a black teenage girl for shockingly rough treatment for apparently no reason. A friend caught the appalling incident on camera as Casebolt shoved Dajerria Becton down on the sidewalk as she asked to call her mother.

When her horrified friends and neighbors begged the cop to stop, he waved a gun at them, then forced her to the ground face down and planted his knee in her back. Casebolt has been placed on “administrative leave,” and has since resigned.

Still think Casebolt’s actions weren’t racist? 15-year-old Brandon Brooks, who is white, didn’t get hassled by the cops. That’s how he was able to capture the whole thing on video and post it to YouTube.

“I was one of the only white people in the area when that was happening. You can see in part of the video where he tells us to sit down, and he kind of like skips over me and tells all my African-American friends to go sit down.”

Watch Fischer blame Obama for the pool party incident.

Here’s video with Fischer blaming President Obama for the police’s brutal response to the McKinney pool party.

Featured image via video screen capture via Right Wing Watch.