Jim Bob Duggar Says Molestation Is Common In Christian Families (VIDEO)

The interview with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar on Fox News was clearly a ploy to whitewash the scandal surrounding their son’s heinous crimes against their own daughters – but it has backfired. The Christian extremist world the Duggars live in is completely void of logic when it comes to common sense issues like this one, and according to Jim Bob, the Duggars aren’t alone.

In a short portion of the interview that was greatly overshadowed by the lies the Duggars were telling, Jim Bob describes how they reached out to other parents in their community and found out that many of them had “similar situations” happen in their homes.

Apparently molestation runs rampant in the homes of the Christian Right:

By taking a religion that teaches peace and love and twisting it into judgment and hate, the neo-Christians are obviously doing wrong by their children.

They teach absolute abstinence until marriage. The Duggar girls have described being taught how to kiss by their brother and father. They preach that sexual education is immoral. If what Jim Bob is saying is true, teenage boys in ultra-Christian communities are taking it upon themselves to learn at the expense of defenseless and innocent young girls.

By not allowing teenagers to experience life naturally, the Duggars managed to create an environment that could, at the very least, foster a sexual predator. Josh Duggar learned from an early age that women are subservient. Coupled with the natural curiosity of a teenager, a dangerous mind emerged.

If you believe what the Duggar’s say, Josh came to them crying every time he touched a little girl. They also admit that the molestation went on for nearly a year, and that in that time they intervened by putting “safeguards” in place, teaching the girls about “improper touching” and seeking guidance for Josh through their church.

All of that and still it went on for nine months?

There are serious problems in Christian right communities. Liberal bloggers love to report on their particular brand of crazy, but this? This is something that the authorities really need to keep an eye on so another predator doesn’t exploit the statute of limitations after his family sweeps his “indiscretions” under the Jesus fish rug.

Featured image via screen capture from YouTube